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Gender: Female

Age: 115
Country: United States

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August 19, 2019


09/11/2019 08:17 PM 

About the Gallivrean Star

Full name: Riven Katsuya Gallifrey

Pronunciation: —

Nickname(s) or 

Alias: Riv, Give her one X’D

Gender: Genderfluid though likes the female body.

Species: Star Shapeshifter/ Demon


Age: 5,682  Looks 22

Birthday: —

Sexuality: Pansexual

Nationality: Unknown

Religion: Unknown

City or town of birth: Unknown

Currently lives: New York

Languages spoken: Varies

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Mercenary, Bounty Hunter, Traveler, Vigilante


Height: 5’11

Weight: 128 lbs

Figure/build: Yoga Built

Hair colour: Galaxy-like colors with stars

Hairstyle: Blue, to purple, to pink, to orange to yellow with stars
Disguise would be black with stars

Eye colour: Red

Skin/fur/etc colour: Pale

Tattoos: crecent moon on her forhead, along with two black dots, one big and one small on each side under her eyes.

Piercings: None. Varies

Scars/distinguishing marks: None

Preferred style of clothing: Varies

Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: Varies


Smoker? Yes

Drinker? Yes

Recreational Drug User? Which? Varies

Addictions: None

Allergies: None

Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: None

Any medication regularly taken: None


Personality: Bossy, Creative, Devious, Intelligent, Verbally Aggressive, Playful, Caring, cocky, Curious, Loving

Likes: Smoking, Violence, Alcohol, traveling, new things, Food, Humans, Money, Treasures, Most supernatural creatures, Women, Men, her family

Dislikes: Being bored, Whiney people, Kids

Fears/phobias: None.

Favourite colour: Black

Hobbies: Going to bars, Traveling, etc

Taste in music: Varies



(All these powers are made by her (my) mother Momo)

Gallivrean aka star children are nearly unlimited in their power; think of the Q from star trek. They can make planes change, realities different,instantly travel thousands of lightyears. For combat purposes, to make it so we are not OP, we are limited to certain abilities. This is Applied via Gallivrean Law. If one abuses their powers in primitive worlds, they are stripped of powers until they have proven themselves in a court of law. 

The child would depending on the demons powers have more attention to fire and heat in his training as his genetics would create a more substantial heat distribution and more reactive chemical make up.

Stardust: (Astral Energy)
Stardust as it is known in the English language, is word for particulates that are derived of the core*. When one is in an emotional spike,they will expelled a cloud of the dust. Some beings believe them to be fireflies, as they float in the air around the subject for some time after. 
Stardust when focused can be used to enhance the magic of a magi or a magic user of any kind. Stars would do well to avoid these beings until well trained as they have been known to take advantage of the power, some have even killed a young star. As well as the magical abilities that stardust can give it can also imbue a mortal being with immortality,cure the sick, and even create life when enhanced and used in the right plane of existence. 

(The Core: A stars heart and soul in a sense, in physical sense. They pull and focus power from this core. This will be written more about soon )

Solar Beam:
A ray attack, this fires from the hand as a straight line of what would appear to be light, plasma being fired at searing temperatures. This blast of energy when built up burned at over 250000 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on the strength of the star this energy can be built up exponentially. When focused this can be shot as an orb, or used as a melee weapon. 

Twin comets/ comets:
With temperatures less.than. -420 degrees Fahrenheit two masses form , one on each fist. Balls of ice.and fire build up,.trails following behind as one runs with said light source. These can be shot as projectiles in combat. Ranging about 15 ft per second until impacting an object. 

Matter manipulation: As is by our code of conduct, we are not to alter worlds. With our ability,unless creating our own. This can only be done in the continuum,during a time premeditated and approved by the emperor and empress. Small manipulations can be allowed such as:

Shapeshifting: Changing the matter of oneself for the purpose of disguise or aesthetic. This is allowed as it helps us to maintain a certain level of equality with each new life form we create,study,and learn from.

Travel: To transport ones self, to another place, planet,or even plane of existence. As this affects only the individual or individuals involved. Certain restrictions apply.

Enchantment: To gift someone starlight is to gift them eternal life and an outstanding skill in all they strive for. It is also opening them to be a host in case of death. A host will sustain the core until a replacement is found.

Black Hole: Not as strong as a true black hole,but a tear in space and time none the less. Used for instant teleportation. One must know exact location for this to work.

Gravitational flux: Can increase or decrease the gravity of an area around or Self, can range up to 200 m. Slower movement speed. This is drawn from the core.increasing the core in mass increases the gravitational pull. Decreasing can cause self to levitate. Can also use I'm sonic wave. Pushing a gathered amount of air pressure from the denser air within the field, one can push that air into thinner air; this would cause a force like wave pushing anything within its path.

Energy Conversion: The user can absorb and convert one form of energy into another form. Example being, one absorbing sound energy and converting it into light energy, or absorbing gravitational energy and converting it into heat energy.


Mother: Momo Gallivrae - A Star - Alive

Father: Takahada Katsuya - Beelzebub - Alive

Sibling(s): Devialla Katsuya - Elder Demon Half Sister - Alive
Blue Kenkou - Elder Step Brother - Alive

and more


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