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09/12/2019 02:40 PM 

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[I don't like having to make rules, but they are here for a reason. I will try to keep this post concise. Anything extra will be posted at the end.]

  • Write in third person.
  • Be literate (at least enough for me to read and understand your post)!
  • Be respectful. (I will be the same for you!)
  • Be patient. (Replies may take a day or two, but I promise I will get to you!)
  • Ask me first if you wish to request a specific type of roleplay.* (This is especially so for darker themes such as gore/politics/ero.)
  • Have fun! (That's the whole point of this, right?*)

  • Use photo (aka actual people) references for your characters. (I will only rp with drawn/cartoon/anime/video game references.)
  • Godmod or control my character.*
  • Act cranky, passive-aggressive, or even straight up bitchy to me OOC.
  • Solicit me for smut or ero.*
  • Use text talk or 1337 sp34k outside of OOC. (Unless it somehow pertains to the story, I guess??)
  • Add me if you are never going to speak to me.*
  • Add me if you're an 18+ only profile.

  1. I'm not always up for specific types of roleplays, so I may turn down certain requests. That's why I always prefer discussing story themes ahead of time, that way we don't have to worry about it when we get it. 
  2. If at any point you lose interest in our story and would like to stop or change something, please let me know. I don't want you to feel like it's a chore to respond to me!
  3. I've seldom had problems with this in the past. I don't mind minor interactions, but when you start making major decisions for my character is when there will be a problem.
  4. [See *romance* at the very end.]
  5. I have this problem a lot on AniRp. If you add me, all I ask is that you send me a comment or message. (I will do the same if I add you!) Also, please don't add me if you have no intention of roleplaying (or talking) with me. (I don't want ghosts on my friends list.)

Oh, yeah~ 

This gets it's own section since it's always been such a sensitive topic for me regardless of the character I'm playing.

First things first: Romance. Ok. Good. Great. I don't care what kind of characters I roleplay it with. Female? Male? Trans? Non-binary? A-ok! Straight, gay, bi, les, asexual (as long as they're not aromantic too), hell yeah! Canon or OC? Either is fine with me! I'm 100% ok with any and all of the above, although I might get a bit picky about your character itself, but that's a topic for another time-- anyhow here's where we come to the touchy part... *drum roll*


It's the most likely thing I'll turn down if you bring it to me. Like, seriously, I will not roleplay it with you unless I trust you to some degree. That means no first time smut stories. No smut-only profiles. Definitely no underage smutters (USERS and CHARACTERS). If you fit the criteria and request it, I'll happily include it in our story. 

*I will not have exclusive relationships with other characters, although I do not mind if you wish to set me as a partner on your own profile. Just understand that outside of our roleplay you won’t get special attention. (TL;DR- Multiships)*

Thank you for reading and accepting my not-so-concise rules post~! I look forward to roleplaying with you~!


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