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Full Timeline; Minish Cap Vaati, prior to transformation — After Four Swords Adventures — Not restricted. Vaati's initial personality is that of self-servitude and cruel characteristics, losing his sense of self over time, and warped with corruption. Please view Portrayal blog for more information using the Portrayal link.

► Mild Synopsis:

 Once a young Minish—protege to the renowned Minish Sage Ezlo—who became fascinated by the evil in hearts of mankind overtime. His newfound desire for power led him to terrorize Hyrule; cursing his master into a hat, and petrifying Zelda in search of the Light Force. A powerful gift bestowed to humans by the Picori. Vaati is brought to his eventual demise by a hero in green known as Link.Vaati

Over hundreds of years Vaati returns a total of 3 times, and with the ability to manipulate the wind he declares himself the Wind Mage. Warped and no longer having any memory of his days as a Picori, he goes on a mindless rampage once again terrorizing Hyrule, kidnapping many beautiful women in the process. Vaati is at first sealed away by the Four Sword, and returns a second time with his eye on a new Princess Zelda.

Following his second resurrection's defeat Vaati is freed from his seal yet again as Ganon plots Link to draw the Four Sword to rescue Zelda, thus freeing the Wind Sorcerer. Vaati is utilized by Ganon's desire for more power, caught up in the cycle of the Gerudo Thief, and is eventually defeated.

► Things to know:

—This Vaati is more attuned to darker settings and timeline continuation, but is open to different plot ideas should you suggest them.

—Greetings not required! Feel free to toss a story or discussion my way.

►More underway.


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