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10/04/2019 03:32 PM 

HeadCanon - Interaction - Personality - Q-A



A bit of information on the second most reoccurring villain in the Legend of Zelda series some may not be familiar with. Especially if you've only joined the verse with the introduction of Breath of the Wild. Cant really fault you, it's become one of my favourites, but there's more than ZeLink for roster. I prefer to touch on the dark blank points surrounding this character, but there are plenty of interpretations available to explore.

•Once a Minish Youth, the Sorcerer was sealed time after time, imprisoned in the darkness he created for himself.•

File:TMC Minish Vaati Figurine Sprite.png
► Minish/Picori - Placement: Force Era

 A young Minish once a protege to the renowned Minish Sage Ezlo. Assumed to be between the ages of 8-12 years old. Perhaps even older in regards to the Picori lifespan. While being small enough to be pressed under a thumb, Vaati's fascination with the evil within a person's heart grows.

► Sorcerer Vaati - Placement: Force Era

Fascinated by the evil in the hearts of men Vaati terrorizes Hyrule during this stage, transforming himself into a powerful sorcerer. He is shown to be cruel, self serving, and willing to do anything to achieve his goal. With this form he cursed his master into a hat as a cruel joke, and left to pursue Hyrule. Assumed to be 12-18 years of age (perhaps older regarding racial lifespan.) 

FS Vaati.gif
► Wind Mage Vaati - Placement: Force Era

First resurrection. Many years later, Vaati enters a mindless rampage in Hyrule kidnapping various women in the process. By this time his memories as a Picori have long been waning, leaving only a monster.  With what little of his magic left giving him mastery over winds, he has declared his dominion in the Palace of Winds. How his return came to be is unknown, but it serves as an open time-placement for future stories. He is soon sealed away briefly ending his rampage, only to return when the Four Sword's  seal weakens. He seems to choose Zelda as his bride, likely as a trophy, or still searching for the Light Force, but discussion can change otherwise.  This is the only time his monstrous form is able to audibly communicate.
Vaati's next confinement within the seal lasts for many years.

Vaati FSA.gif
► Wind Mage Vaati - Placement: Shadow Era - Child Timeline

After hundreds of years, Vaati remains sealed within the Four Sword leaving Hyrule peaceful for a time until Ganon tricks Link into resurrecting him. Ganon utilizes the darkness Vaati spreads in his wake to steal light force, empowering himself. Residing once more in the Palace of Winds, Vaati is finally defeated and Link turns to his true foe. His presence in this chapter can be interpreted as working alongside Ganon in the spread of darkness, or simply being caught in the cycle of Ganondorf. By this time Vaati is but a mindless husk.

► What comes after? - Vaati

If following the Child Timeline, by default this Vaati could have a variety of reactions to all three; Link, Zelda, and Ganon/dorf. Gradually leaning toward viewing Ganon as a greater enemy for using him as a tool (if such is recalled), which further lead to his eventual death. Another variation may include another resurrection with heavy reflection on his actions over the timeline. An opposing variation may be emphasis on his inevitable loss of mind, and the potential effect it has on said character.
Of course, alternate universes are not out of the question and none of this has to matter.  

[ Q ]

►Why Vaati?

I favour playing lesser popular and unusual characters on this site such as the Igos, Happy Mask Salesmen, Skull Kid, Linebeck, etc. The reach isn't amazing, but the interactions are interesting.

►Original Character and clone friendly?


►Things to know:

—This Vaati is more attuned to darker settings and timeline continuation, but is open to different plot ideas should you suggest them.
—Greetings not required! Feel free to toss a story or discussion may way.
—Open to all genres - however - Not a fan of pure combat, nor forced erotica. Genres must be relevant to story flow. 

Vaati, Vaati Reborn, Vaati's Wrath


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