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10/04/2019 12:31 PM 

Friendly reminders

Roleplay is people portraying the face of someone they have in mind. Who they character are is not who they can be or close to could be. I am not a crossdressing femboy with trust issues in rl that is also lonely. I do not have much money, and a lot of collectibles. I am not great a cooking, nor would I let new friends into my house. All these are traits that Hana shows in a rp and has nothing to do with my rl thinking.

Always keep rl and rp separate. If you want in a person's rl, seek out social crave, facebook, or rpers that say they do rl. Otherwise do not assume people will be okay with just only ooc chat. If you not gonna rp, do not add those seeking to rp. And do not go trying to push people into discord if you have no plans of rping there. Remember this is a rp site, and many are here for just that. Unless stated otherwise do not bring rl into someones message box. And do not get upset if you bring it and they do not care or delete you. There are places for that and people will let you know generally if they are fine with it.

Also remember this, when messages are sent, they stay there 3 - 6 months. Unless you know you are going to be gone that long or there is good cause. There isn't any reason rps should be broken just to tell someone you are going for a bit. That's easily just a goodnight or be back later status post to let everyone know at once you'll be away for a bit. The messages will be there when you get back. It's not places like chatzy that when you go away, that coming back you'll have to play catch up to all the events that has happened. So if you have to go, relax and smile. Get up and do what needs to be done. Leave the next messages alone if you can't get to them now. People will understand. :)

Once you get back, they will still be there and you just pick up from there. Yes I am aware there are those who are on you the moment you don't reply. Just let them go. No one should be stalking anyone down for replies on the exact same day or hour the message was sent. The thing I realized about accounts that do that is they often have plenty of friends, so why they choose 1 or 2 people to go ultra impatient on is a mystery to me but you are better off away from them and saving yourself some stress.

And last reminder for those who read this far. On the off chance it's someone new, keep your head up. While people's adding habits can seem downright unfair at times. You join to just 3 friends while that fanservice character who joined just before or after you is already 40+ friends and counting, don't give up. I'm not one to judge, but if you want actual stories, never concern yourselves with the friend counts of fanservice characters or people playing newly released ones or editing accounts as high chance what you want and what they draw in don't match.

The ones normals like us want are generally settled so their not always paying attention to new members and can often be busy. So you'll just have to put some work into finding those people you seek. 1 by 1 until you get a desired count of people or stories. Friends is very possible here, just don't determine the state of your account off initial adds with no time sunk into it. Take the time to grow it out, modify as needed and see where it goes in the long run. Give it at least a month of decent work before you decide.


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