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10/04/2019 01:10 PM 

Some Simple Rules
Category: Guidelines

Rules... just make the roleplaying experience work a lot smoother. Everyone has different rules, to make the experience worthwhile. And these are mine please try to respect them.

1. Don't hold back on your creativity: If there's anything that I don't like. It's people that hold back on how creative they can be. If you got a creative storyline or plot to write don't hold back on it. Let it all out and I'll tell you my thoughts on it.

2. No spamming my inbox: I got a life outside of this site. So, if I'm busy with things please don't spam my inbox with 500 messages or more for that matter. I'll write back to you when I can just don't rush me into a response.

3. No smut: I came here to write.... storylines not disgusting smut. It makes me uncomfortable to write that.... so please don't request this. I'm fine with romance rps and all but don't go that extra mile. I can tolerate some romance in an rp but I don't want it to be the main focus.

4. No drama: No one likes drama. Not you, not me, and probably not half of this site. Drama does nothing good and causes a lot of stress. Stress, that I just don't need if I'm being honest. If you got a problem with me just tell me what is in DM's. Don't make an entire post to rant about me... cause that's immature.

5. No one-liners: I need more than one sentence... to write with someone. I can tolerate a few paragraphs, regardless of the length. But.... one sentence is not enough to keep me engaged. If you're struggling to write more than a paragraph I'll be more than willing to help you. But I will NOT tolerate one sentence.

I think those rules are pretty basic. Not only that, but they're pretty easy to follow. Feel free to message me if you disagree with a particular rule. I don't mind making exceptions when necessary. 


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