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October 15th, 2019

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August 21, 2019


10/04/2019 03:01 PM 

Ouran Highschool Host club Starter

Ayana walked through the halls of Ouran, being a third year had made her always so busy. She wanted somewhere to play her violin. She wasn't wearing the usual school uniform that other girls did. She was wearing the male uniform top, and what seemed to be a skirt from and old school uniform, perhaps from a private school, however the blue of the skirt matched the top of the male uniform. Her black hair was held up in a bun, she found Musicroom 3 and opened the door, only to be greeted by a gust of wind and rose petals. In front of her are a group of boys, "Welcome to the host club~"

//boom i probably will edit it at one point, but for now here it is.


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