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October 16th, 2019

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September 27, 2019


10/05/2019 10:38 PM 

Lost Memories - Religion

As a child, Phantom has always loved pulling everything apart just to see how it works. Yes- she was one of those kids that did sadistic experiments with bugs and pulled them apart. But this also included physical puzzles, like jigsaw cubes,  puzzles, word searches, and things like that.

Thats why, when she was forced into a christan family at birth, she did the same thing to that religion as she did with those bugs, and the puzzles. What triggered this?

She questioned many things about the bible over the years. It lead into heated arguments that lead nowhere- ones that ended with six, cold words. Over and over again by many adults.


The attitude of a child losing an argument about their favorite video game character. That's what it reminded her of. She felt afraid. She felt like she had done something wrong. Something very very bad.

Her brother was the one who gave her the idea. A lot of work. But she had to do it. Both her, and her brother, read the entire bible- multiple times too. They had long discussions about it.

By the time she was done reading, she realized something.

She's never believed in god. And her brother felt the same way.

They were wondering why. Why would they believe in something like this? So many holes. It was inconceivable, to the both of them. They could only think of one reason as to why.

Her brother had the idea.

“It's just a test.. A very elaborate test of maturity and critical thinking. All the adults are in on it. That's why they are so dead serious about it. They are just testing us because they want us to grow.

It's like santa claus, or the easter bunny. We became more mature when we realized they were just fiction.”

“Its a final exam. Let's give them the test answers.”

She was eight years old. Her brother was ten, when they fought their parents for the very first time. There was no discussion. It was a heated argument. It was no test after all. Her worst fears became a reality. Over a few simple words, a family was torn apart.

“We don't believe in god.”

Heated arguments turned into one-sided lectures. Petty insults. Both of them were belittled.

However, his brother stopped supporting his sister when she started to become exactly like her father. She was the first one to lash out in anger. In a way, its all her fault. She punched her father in the face.


Just that one sentence started years worth of physical and mental abuse from her parents. They tried many tactics over the years. Go to church or face punishment. They chose punishment.

They were guilt tripped. If they don't go to church they will make her and her family very sad and disappointed.

They ignored her.

Threatened. If they don't go to church or believe in god they will burn in hell for eternity.

They ignored her.

Tricks and deceit. Driving them to church directly from school.

They walked home.

She even tried to bribe them. Giving them money to go to church. While tempting, Phantom had to stick to what she believed in.

She did not budge. Neither did her brother.

“Didn't you say to me once that greed was the route of all evil?”

They both had a strong will to stand up for what they believed in, at a very young age.

Her parents never gave up. They fought them to the end. Her brother put up with it. But she had developed a burning rage and hatred for her father. She hated him, to the bitter end.

A man in the sky tears a family apart.


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