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October 8th, 2019

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Gender: Male
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Age: 113
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March 23, 2014


10/05/2019 09:23 PM 

Uchiha is Back

Just because I’m an Uchiha doesn’t mean I’m like the rest of them on here...in fact I’m not I’ve played this character in the past and had amazing results. My character does take place in the shippuden verse but an AU so I’m an open book. However I do expect respect in my account with no dram I am series about writing and do more than two paras so I expect no one liners if you can keep up with my writing I will work around you I know everyone has RL stuff but if you add me I don’t want you waisting my time if you don’t bother logging on after a certain time I can and will delete you if I find there’s a lapse of time. Im quiet strict when it comes to this account since I’ve been screwed in the past. As for that add me if you want


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