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October 17th, 2019

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Gender: Female

Age: 26
Country: United States

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October 05, 2019


10/06/2019 02:41 PM 


Name haley anna mitchel Age 16 Birthday april 7th 1993 Hair black Eyes brown/gold Height 5"3 Weight 120lbs Status single zodiac aries Blood type AB+ Orientation bi Submissive = Favorite color purple Favorite tea chai french vanilla Favorite sweets strawberry shortcake Favorite cake vanilla birthday cake Favorite dinner stew spaghetti Favorite breakfast eggs patatos bacon sausage toast Day night time: night time Sex drive high then normal Talents heals fast cant die ? Animals loves her a lot Has split personality disorder if under stressful circumstances and tends to cry a lot highly sensitive to things feels peoples pain ... Likes : camping hiking horse back ridding hanging with friends animals cooking baking learning new things books reading sports singing music arts art and crafts beading being loved cuddles cute things pokemon foods sex biting licking being around people looking up at the stars or clouds gardens animals of all kinds ish rabbits cuddling fishing walking on beaches collecting shells sea life kissing in the rain playing in the rain cuddle near the fire place being silly making others laugh ... Dislikes : spiders snakes bees bugs the dark swimming water on her face being alone or abandon the dark men yelling hitting her animal abuse abuse on her or others liver onions hates bullies rude people anyone mean to others or being harmed gore killing horror blood death people dying ..that are close to her ...harming mother earth Personality : shy quite dorky loving kind caring gentle soft spoken social butterfly silly highly perverted loyal daring over affectionate jealousy blunt adventurous loves learning open minded never judges book worm gamer animal friendly speaks her mind over thinks easily gets stressed


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