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Ken Kaneki

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October 16th, 2019

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Gender: Male

Age: 23
Country: Canada

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October 03, 2019


10/06/2019 12:16 PM 

The sniper and the ghoul
Current mood:  adventurous

It was the mid of nights as a sniper was on the rooftops waiting for her prey but little did she know that her prey was a ghoul but as she continued looking though her sniper waiting on hearing movement she then sighed as she grabbed a cigarette and lighter before taking a tiny dip of it before going back to watching out for him and why was she doing this it was because her friend was in a relationship with him and kaneki left her over her not being into books all that much and it caused her into a deep depression so after awhile she then jumped down from the building looking for that loser as she then told herself “Now where is that stupid bitch of a idiot” as kaneki then jump out behind her grabbing her by the neck putting her into a chock-hold before saying to her “ WHY ARE YOU AFTER ME” As she then grabbed him by the balls as twisted them before grabbing her trusty pistol and shooting the hell out of his left lag before disappearing into the shadows before long she was back at her place before logging into Aniroleplay as he then got a message from a guy named kaneki yet not knowing him they began to talk until she realized..........oh no She said.......(End Of part 1)


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