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Gender: Male

Age: 107
Country: Poland

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November 30, 2015


11/04/2019 01:51 PM 


Its nature is ambiguous, both human and demonic. Strigoi emerges from its grave, returns to its family and behaves as in his lifetime while weakening relatives until they die in their turn...

Name: Arkadiusz Tully II (Arkady)
Name Meaning: (Arkadiusz) From an ancient Greek name meaning "of Arcadia", the name deriving from αρκτος (arktos) "bear".
Age Before Death: 18
Date of Birth: 11/13/1912 - 1930(?)
Gender: Male
Cause of Death: Strangulation.
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Eye Color: Light Green
Ethnicity: Polish
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 126 lbs
Orientation: Accused Homosexual
Languages Known: Polish, English, Romanian, German.
N/A, House found with a few charcoal drawings and oil paintings, most of which were destroyed in a fire that followed his supposed death.
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Briggs Personality type: ISTJ (The Logistician)

(introversion, sensory, thinking, judgment)

The Folklore:
"Long divorced from the creature which spawned them, the Strigoi have become something of an isolated strain, a self-contained pocket of creatures unconnected to the vast world glittering beyond their impenetrable forests. And yet, this isolation has molded them in ways far more terrible than the shaping forces, for the Strigoi are both ghouls and the undead, physical beings."

"The Strigoi are also more spiritually warped than the Nosferatu and seem to draw nourishment from a bottomless well of bitterness and spite. There is no higher culture among the Strigoi, no real sense of community, no vast warrens peppered with subterranean artworks."

"...every time a body is possessed, it will resurrect and go to consume the family first, and then would move on, devouring the flesh, bone, and blood, of all of those who are unfortunate enough to cross its path. It is a hollow corpse that was inhabited by an unholy will...The metabolism is so hard, so quick. They say that their lungs dry off, so they don't need to breathe, because they don't need the oxygen to produce erythrocytes, to produce red cells. Their bones become brittle...if touched by silver or iron they can be damaged. The eyes are sensitive to light, and the sun burns their skin. The idea of them not having a breath makes them non-human.
They develop a parasitic heart."

"...There were rumors about the Tully family. It began with the mother who'd met her untimely end, the father who was never there, and their two children - both of whom disappeared. The locals said that there was a shadow that fell over that house behind the trees, and the fire did nothing to cleanse it. The only body found in the ruins was that of the father... And the numerous bones that washed down the river in the spring... The children where nowhere to be found."


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