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Chloe Blackwatch

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November 12th, 2019

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 26
Country: Canada

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November 06, 2019


11/06/2019 01:19 PM 

My Character.
Current mood:  accomplished

"Spring" Chloe Blackwatch
Nickname: Spring Clover
Age: 15 (preferred but can be discussed)
Race: Human
Hereditary traits: Necromancer/Dark arts conjugation
Hereditary health: Migraines, breathing issues
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 103.82lbs
Eye Color: Emerald
Hair Color: Strawberry blonde with red streaks.
Proffession: School for arts, music enthusiast.
Likes: Music, Daydreaming, Cinnamon buns.
Dislikes: Oversized people make her uneasy, arrogance, ignorance, and overly pushy persons.
Relationship status: single.
Body count: 0
Kill count: 0
Living Family: Father (mostly away) Aunt (heavily involved with work)
Most definable traits: Ruby pendant, dark lipstick, small size, and book bag.
Favorite type of music: New punk, and alternative rock.
Hobbies: Lofting around at home, and cafe's with small amounts of coffee.
Wealth: Plenty
Friends: Limited

Chloe lives at home wither her father, whom is rarely home as he flips houses and buisness' across the world for profitable income. Their family is wealthy and Chloe is left home a majority of the time with in care givers stopping by daily. Chloe began to fill the void of loneliness with music since her partents and relatives were never really around.
She tends to keep to herself even though she can hold a regular converstaion. Her body type is slender with not much to flaunt unless she wears tight Jeans and even tighter shirts. Having long hair that just sweeps past her shoulders light blond with a pinkish tint to it naturally, while unnaturally stained with red dye done by herself. Wearing dark lipstick to draw attention to her face she looks younger than her actual age. A pendant that sits just above her cleavage line, casually wearing V cut t-shirts and tights.
She prefers to listen to harder rock and punk music naturally attracted to musicians or artsy people. She can play a small amount of piano and guitar and casually sings but prefers to listen and manage others, writing music for others to preform.
Her basic powers come from dark magic hereditary in her bloodline. She began seeing fragments of ghosts and the shifters real faces, demons and angels but put it all in her head that is was her imagination. Recently its been much harder to control and she feels she is losing her state of mind. Her pendant helps keep her visions (Powers) and some of her emotinos suppressed and she never takes it off.
With practive she can communicate with the dead or damned, summon corpses from the earth and even syphon other dark magic users abilites. Example if a dark mage is controlling an element she can briefly conjure the same or similar ailites. Example 2 if a vampire has healing from drinking/absorbing blood she can do the same in a much smaller degree.
Power setbacks include, blackouts and losing control of her own body. Whiteouts and lose of consciousness. She can be very prone to body possession while using her powers, and can be inclined to exvesssive migraines and even tempral bleeding. Prone to getting sick after the use of her abilites.
What her abilites cant do is work against any holy figure or creature. She can see their true form but is unable to effect them or sypon from them directly.
Without her pendant her abilites run wild and become much stronger and more potent nearly becoming a master of dark arts. Without training this can be dangers and others can take over her body, or she can harm others or herself without extensive training.

Stories I would like to write, and currently how many are being told.
1. Highschool drama/ phycotic break   (1)
2.Phyc house for troubled patients.
3.Adapting to a new reality.  (1 soon)
4.Finding love in a broken world.
5.A Trainer to help realise and use her powers.  (1 soon)
6.New roommates.  (1 soon)
7.Open to suggestions.
Worlds Chloe fits in.
1. Modern day (slice of life if neccessary)
2. Modern Fiction
3. Monster and dead ridden.
4. Up for discussion.
1. Fiction and fantasy.
2. Drama
3. Thriller
4. Horror
5. Comedy
6. Romance
7. Action
8. Dark themes greatly accepted.


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