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Xolani's Editing Blog

Please read everything below before requesting an edit from me.
-Hex Codes, RGB Codes & Look Sheets accepted. -Please fill out everything on the form. It is important to do so in order to assure that I don't have to wonder what you want. I'll already know. -If something is not wanted, please put N/A -If something is editor's choice, please put that. -If you want anything redrawn in a different style, let me know and I will try. I cannot guarantee it, but I will try. Be as detailed as possible even if it borders on over-detailed. It's better to have too much detail than not enough :) If you have any questions about what I can or cannot do and it isn't above, ask and you shall receive. Basic Details Name You Want On Picture: Url: Picture: Background: Look Sheet: In Depth Detail Make sure to put N/A if you don't want something. Be detailed. If you want something redrawn, please state it. Hair Style(If you want redrawn): Hair Colors: Eyes: Sclera(if different than white): Skin: Markings/Tattoos/Scars: Piercings(What color and where): Ears: Wings: Tails: Nail Shape: Nail Color: Lip Shape: Lip Color: Clothing Options If you want any of this redrawn, please state that. If you want patterns or textures, state that as well. Shirt/Top Style: Shirt/Top Color: Pants/Shorts/Skirt Style: Pants/Shorts/Skirt Color: Underwear Style: Underwear Color: Socks/Shoes Style: Socks/Shoes Color: Is there anything you want that I didn't already mention? If so, mention it here before moving to the next section. Look Example:


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