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November 11th, 2019

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11/06/2019 11:45 PM 

Searching for these Roles in the Wataku Family.

Ok here is a list of characters up for the grab.  These are the names and a synapse of who they are.

Roles - Wataku Family
Katsukura Wataku - Eldest son of Souunkatsu, Heir of the Wataku.  Headstrong and tempermental but loyal.  He is a bit arrogant.  Gets annoyed easily by younger siblings.  Born with Albinism

Nikatsu Wataku - Eldest son of Katsumaru, calm natured and goold elder brother to his younger siblings.  He is the polar opposite of Katsukura.  Born with Albinism.

Katsunaga Wataku - Younger brother of Katsukura.  Looks up to Katsukura. Not Albino

Hukatsu Wataku - Younger brother of Nikatsu.  Independent and a bit rebellious, however has a domestic sense of things.  Not albino.

Lady Suisei - Younger twin sister of Souunkatsu, Elder sister of Katsumaru.  Elder supportive sister material.  She's not albino like Souunkatsu is however.

Lady Taiyou - Youngest sister of Souunkatsu, Suisei and Katsumaru.  Bratty torwards Katsumaru but sweet to Souunkatsu.  Close to Suisei.  She's not albino

Lady Kintarou - Very rebellious, wayward daughter of Souunkatsu.  She's not albino

Lady Asuka - Kind hearted but firm daughter of Katsumaru.  Born with Leucism.  Similar to albinism, except with some features full in color while others like hair remain white. 

Lady Tsuya - Youngest and free spirit daughter of Souunkatsu.  She's not albino.


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