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November 12th, 2019

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11/06/2019 05:17 PM 

Cybernetics and Transhumanism of Tony Stark


Tony Stark has always been something of a transhuman in mindset, having a long history body modification. Some time ago Tony had been involved in a great superhuman Civil War (again), this time against feminazi confessed rooster-head wall-crawling menace Carol Danvers. While Tony spent several months in a coma recovering from his injuries, a contingency brain backup that Tony had made came alive as an artificial intelligence and filled in for him (LINK).

Upon his rival, Tony had a new appreciation for what it meant to be digitally immortal and post-singularity, and determined he needed to discover an easier way than Extremis for everyone to share such a gift. Plus, he had that AI to merge with again. To that end, Tony and his AI extension teamed up to develop a new brain-computer-interface ("BCI" - LINK) called a "neural lace" and other minimally evasive cybernetics.

Now, Tony Stark has a lace that allows him to plug his brain into external devices: cyberpunk style, baby! Besides allowing him to control his armor mentally, this also allows Tony to sync with his AI-backup. This means Tony can multitask and operate his company subconsciously, while still galavanting as Iron Man!

Man and machine together, future proof.


Physical Specs
Undoubtedly the most important and most invasive implant, the hub of all else, is the neural lace. Physically, the lace is a graphene mesh of billions of nano-scale electrodes laid over the outer layer of the brain's neocortex like a net. On the other end of these electrodes is an array of memristors (@11:00 LINK) interwoven into the mesh for baseline processing/memory. Over time, the brain begins to interact with and grow around lace, connecting synapses to carbon electrodes all on its own. The brain accepts it as if it is additional neural tissue, feeding data directly in and out of the brain using the brain's own language!

On top of this base mesh, other components can be more easily added or removed depending on user preference, including in Tony's case... ACIS processing, encryption chips, laminated graphene battery, additional data storage, telepathic/electromagnetic shielding, and leads to other cybernetics and external interface plugs.

As time passes Tony's brain will adapt and grow more connected to the lace, increasing performance and bandwidth. It only gets better from here...

While others may choose otherwise, Tony's lace is air-gapped. To interface with other machines, Tony must physically plug into secured StarkTech (such as a headset or Iron Man helmet) using interface ports well-disguised beneath the skin on his head.

The lace is hardwire programmed to only accept commands from Tony, and is mostly graphene/carbon constructed to safely pass through metal detectors (and thwart Magneto...) as well as faraday shielded from interference. It also hosts a low-power telepathy jammer and antenna (looking at you, Emma) that can allow telepathic communication while preventing intrusion (up until a point... Relying on armoring up for more powerful psionic protection).


Time to plug in.

Most of the time, Tony and his AI duplicate are separate and the AI is dormant. While AI-Tony is completely capable of autonomous action (like attending meeting or picking up someone from their home), he tries to stay dormant when not plugged into meat-Tony in order to preserve a continuity of consciousness (ie, so they won't bump into each other's actions).

When plugged in and connected however the two sync updated memories and then act as one. One Tony, two brains. In fact, leveraging computer multitasking,Tony can be extremely productive this way, putting in the equivalent of 200-300 hour work weeks regularly. While the meat-Tony is sleeping, playing video games, or just about anything else the Tony-AI can be answering emails, attending meetings, researching complex topics, designing inventions, or more. All the updates are summarized and downloaded straight into Tony's brain via the lace, so he has memories of all the activities as if he'd done them himself.

Tony will often sync by plugging himself into a special headset (LINK), a simple wire, or into an Iron Man armor helmet itself. He even built a sleeping mask to allow syncing while he sleeps!


While the Lace is clearly the hub of Tony's cybernetics, he has several accessory implants at the subdermal level, beneath or within skin, all easily installed and networked together for as much trouble as getting a tattoo. In fact, Tony's teamed up with Riri Williams (LINK) to develop these, as she's taken to tech-tattoos as one of her passion projects. These include:
-Piezoelectric circuits and laminated graphene battery stamps over ribs generate power for implants
-Inductive charging circuit on lower neck as auxiliary power source
-Control console at inner wrist (LINK) for admin-only control of cybernetics suite
-Hidden bio-monitoring sensor tattoos
-Security lock-chip on left outer wrist
-Bone-conducting universal translator behind ears (LINK & LINK)
-Temporary medical smart patches (LINK)
-Sternum mounting clips (to affix detachable arc reactor onto chest) (LINK)
-Nanofleet support nodes in upper forearms.


While most Tony's implants are "standard" to what he envisions consumer products might one day become, his in particular also supports a small fleet of free floating nanobots (LINK & LINK), for additional health improvement, processing and security. Even though Tony's body is somewhat replaceable now, he's still an extremely high-reward target so his security extends even down to the smallest corners!


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