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November 8th, 2019

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Age: 21
Country: Japan

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November 07, 2019


11/07/2019 11:08 PM 

RP Rules

Hi! It’s lovely to meet you, if you’re reading this than thank you it means a lot. 

• I’d like to start off, I’m human and so therefore meaning I can’t constantly be at your whim every second. I’ve had trouble in the past of people trying to make me feel bad because I have a life outside of roleplay, please don’t be those people. If you end up being so than I have no choice but to block you. 

• I do have a relationship in real life, I’m not on here to find love cx it’s something that also has happened to me before! I don’t mind making friendships but I am loyal to my significant other and am in no way going to cheat. So please if you wanna be friends than great but no asking or talking to me as though we are together! 

• I’m going to say this once in this post, please don’t start off any starters dirty! I do NOT want to do smut right away, I am the type that rather get a storyline going and than incorporate smut into it! I want us to work our way too it, have a connection or something in the storyline because I love realism. 

• Please do not control my character UNLESS it’s necessary, I don’t mind if it has to be done to move the rp along but nothing major.

• A list of rp ideas
     | Zombies|
     | Supernatural|
     | Vampires/Werewolves|
     | Demon| 
     | Romance|
     | Drugs and gangs|
     | Adventure|
     | High-school| 
     | Slice of life|
     | Drama|

• A list of anime rp ideas
    | Psycho-Pass|
    | Angel Beats|
    | Death Note|
    | Ouran high-school Host Club|
    | Elfen Lied|
    | Highschool of the dead|
    | Blue Exorcist|
    | Another|
    | Vampire Knight|
    | Deadman Wonderland|
    | Rosario + Vampire|
    | Black Butler|
    | The Devil is a part timer|
    | The irregular at Magic High School|
    | Devilman Crybaby|
    | And many more!| 

I hope to make fun rp’s with you all, I don’t really have any dislikes but will speak up if I am not comfortable! Please message me and let’s get something going c: 

Also if you prefer to rp somewhere that’s not on here, than here is my kik and discord! I’m down to rping on there instead If you like (: 

Kik: Sincerelyhigh
Discord: softkitten#5720


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