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November 12th, 2019

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Gender: Male

Age: 27
Country: Belarus

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November 02, 2019


11/07/2019 11:20 PM 


Standard roleplay etiquette is in place, please don’t kill my character, no fighting without pre-discussion, etc. So the following are just a few guidelines to make sure everyone enjoys the roleplays that they are a part of.
Please be understanding! I know they’re a little long but I did it for a reason.

1. I require all of my roleplay partners to be over 18 (preferably over 21). This isn’t based on writing ability, just keeping myself safe legally.

2. Feel free to remind me, but please do not pester me for replies. I have a high pressure job, family responsibilities, and other real life pressures. I do this for fun and do not intend to let it become stressful.

3. No slurs OOC. I can accept judgemental characters but I will not roleplay with anyone that uses the n-word, anything misogynistic, homophobic or ableist. I block people for using the r-word which seems to be disgustingly popular on here.

4. Please don’t require me to do all of the work. I generally don’t go by the “I add I talk, you add you talk” rule because I’m more than happy to message anyone really, but it’s frustrating when I have people add me and then expect me to do all of the plotting on their behalf. Similarly, I feel really uncomfortable when I am put in a position where I am asked to give someone a role. I will be happy to pitch a few ideas, but you need to tell me what you are interested in rather than putting the ball entirely in my court.

5. Romance/Ero are entirely possible but might be difficult with Quarion. He is a holy man, a cleric, and has taken a chastity vow. I’m still fleshing out his preferences, so I don’t know how it will go down exactly if he is attracted to someone. One-sided romance rps are welcome too! Not everything has to be mutual.

6. Quarion’s views are not my views and vice-versa. Did I tell you I love orcs? I freaking love orcs.

And most importantly…

4.ROLEPLAY IS ROLEPLAY. REALITY IS REALITY. These two need to be separated, which means the following:

a) I will not associate with any “single ship” accounts. The kind with “SandL” or whatever in the names, that look for one roleplay partner to date theirs, or only talk about their one roleplay partner. I feel like this blurs fantasy and reality far too much, as this is often treated as a replacement for a real life relationship – causing heartbreak over something that never really existed. I don’t want to get involved in romance dramas when I’m just a nerd writing about my elf. If your character is spoken for in our storyline then that’s completely fine, but when it becomes an obsession I’m no longer interested.

b) Further to the above, I can’t associate with people that get offended if I haven’t responded for some time, or if I’m only roleplaying with other people. I might ask people if they want to plot or rp or do something new even if I owe replies/plotting/etc. I have certain energy levels, and certain interests. This is a hobby that I do for fun, and write what I want when I want. If this isn’t agreeable to you, then feel free to look for another roleplay partner elsewhere.

c) I will not get involved in any roleplay drama. If someone has been racist, LGBT+phobic, or is sketchy then by all means do tell me as I do not want to associate with abusers, but if it is just a case of “they were supposed to be dating me but rped with X person” or “this rper is a wh*re” then I want absolutely nothing to do with it. Partially for point a, partially because it’s gross to call people misogynistic slurs regardless, but to call them slurs because they’re writing a fictional story is ridiculous (and childish).

d) No means no. Not “persuade me”. If I’m not interested in a roleplay, please respect this. Any “please” or “but” that comes after this will end in a block.

Feel free to ask any questions if you’re unsure of anything. I know I may seem scary/too formal but I promise I’m a lot friendlier than I seem!


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I still need to reply xD

But, alright hon, nothing hard to follow.

Posted on Thu Nov 07, 2019, 13:59




Posted on Thu Nov 07, 2019, 12:10



I have read and completely accept these rules!

Posted on Thu Nov 07, 2019, 12:01

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