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11/29/2019 09:23 PM 

Category: Guidelines

Please read the information and sign below if you wish to continue using our content.

 01. Credit.
    Credit is a must, especially when it comes to custom work. Editors sat down and took time to work on things you've asked for so please show us some respect. In regards to premades, we don't have to do too much for premades and we don't own the original images so just don't redistrubute anything from my site onto another.

  02. Respect & Kindness.
    Respect is something we expect from everyone; including the team here at Arkham. The way it works is, give respect and you shall receive. That's all there is to it. Respect our jobs here at Arkham; that includes our edits and our efforts to help all of your roleplay needs...and respect will be given to you wholeheartedly. Keep in mind some of us have jobs and can't be here 24/7 and most of us are also roleplayers just like yourselves. If you cause any drama for us here, you will be warned.

 03. Gossip & Dramatics.
    Keep that kind of stuff away from our site please. We will not post information on people jocking, site dramatics to bring people under, etc. We can't be bothered with all that stuff - It's just immature and useless to us.

  04. Custom Content.
    Some of our staff offer custom content here on the site, but there is also free resources available. No one is obliged to pay for content, and will never force you to pay for content. However, if you want something that is uniquely yours, we do offer our services for competitive pricing. All prices are subject to change and all payments are taken through paypal. I live in the UK but I do take US currency for the benefit of others (most people I meet are from the US) but paypal does the currency exchanges for you. If you have any questions regarding custom work, feel free to message us or check out the custom content blog.

 05. Bundles.
    Continuing with the premium / custom content, there is bundles on offer which are sometimes better instead of purchasing things on their own. Each staff member has different bundles available to purchase. These can contain anything from a premade bundle eg. 10 simple edits & 10 extra edits or a headliner and doorknocker combo. Again, it just depends on the bundle at the time. There's usually a great selection when it comes to holidays etc. Please enquire about these bundles with a staff member or view their custom content blog for more details.

06. Affiliates / Sibling Sites.
If anyone wishes to be an affiliate or even a sibling, feel free to fill in the affiliate form and I'll get to your request and add you. I share my affies / siblings out once every few weeks in a bulletin.

07. Promoters / Members.
This is a thing we may be implimenting over the coming weeks. Those who promote Arkham will get a spot at the bottom of the main profile and have a photo and a link to their profile. Promoters will also get a free custom and anything else of their choice once a month.

If you have read & fully understood these terms, please sign with a favorite quote / gif of your roleplay character. These rules are subject to change at any time. - Arkham Staff


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