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11/29/2019 08:36 PM 

Conor Krasher (Star Wars OC)

NAME: Conor Krasher

FACTION: Jedi Order

RANK: Padawan


AGE: 13


HEIGHT: 5 foot 3 inches

WEIGHT: 110lbs

FORCE SENSITIVE:  Yes, however he is being trained by the Jedi Order

APPEARANCE:((Better in image)) 

ATTRIBUTES: Conor is what we would call a easily distracted Jedi. most of the time when he's not training with one of the Jedi he can normally be found in the Jedi archives. Conor isn't typically found by himself in his room or and the training field with one of the other padawans training his force abilities.

PERSONALITY: similar to his ancestor Marshall Krasher he has a hard time getting along with brand-new people that includes droids. so once you get to know him he is typically more polite and in a way more Jedi like since typically he does not act like a typical Jedi around strangers which is something his master gets on to him about quite a bit.

BIOGRAPHY: Conor was born on Coruscant just shortly before the events of phantom menace, his father a Jedi consular and his mother a Jedi Knight were only given permission by the grand council to keep the child after Grand Master Yoda had a vision of the child, he does not have much contact with his family after he is born but Yoda does inform him of the fact that both of his parents did fall in battle. He originally was training under a Master windu in some of the basic forms of lightsaber combat though he is currently under the careful watch Master Shakti.

SKILLS:despite being a Jedi he is very proficient at using blasters and any long-range weapons. When it comes to swordsmanship he is not the best as he does not do very well with lightsaber training though he can steadily use a vibrosword or any vibrotechnology. His most preferred force abilities are typically the force push and pull and the mind control and mind trick. Though he does know how to do it he does still struggle with the force jump.

GEAR: after reaching the rank of Padawan he was granted permission to craft his own lightsaber which he wields willingly and proficiently. despite carrying the Jedi's main weapon he also carries a single handheld blaster. He typically wears the standard Jedi robes, unless in combat then he will wear a simplistic set of armor.


RELATIONSHIPS: both of his parents are deceased, he has gained a little bit of friendship with Ahsoka Tano and Master Skywalker, and he is acquainted with Master Kenobi but has only gone on a very select few of missions with him.

SHIP: he does own his own Jedi Starfighter so he prefers not to use it if not necessary

DROIDS: he owns an R2-B1 astromech stood given to him by Anakin after one of their trips to Naboo for Senator Amidala. He also owns a protocol Droid of the 3PO series of protocol droids, which he nicknamed Silver Man.


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