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December 5th, 2019

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Gender: Female

Age: 69
Country: United States

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November 20, 2019


11/30/2019 05:25 PM 

Beau's Skills

Beau's Skills:
  • Unarmored Movement: While wearing no armor or bulky clothing, beau can move faster than average to the point that an untrained eye is unable to follow.
  • Evasion: When being attacked with magical effects that target an area, if Beau notices in time, she can avoid it
  • Slow Fall: Her monk trainings have allowed her to slow her fall from fairly dangerous heights
  • Ki: Is able to channel the energies inside of her and the atmosphere around her to allow her to bend reality in small ways to assist her in battles mainly. There are a few other applications that Ki can be used for.
    • Step of the Wind: Can use some of her ki to give herself an extra burst of strength, allowing her to cover twice the amount of ground in the same amount of time as she would normally be able too
    • Patient Defense: Using Ki, she can calm her body and mind to allow her to read when an attack is coming from further away, allowing her to dodge easier
    • Flurry of blows: When connecting with an enemy, she can use her Ki to add two quick attacks in succession
    • Stunning Strike: After hitting an enemy, she can force some of her ki into her target's body and cause them to be stunned if  they are not prepared for it
    • Ki Strikes: Allows her to infuse her blows with Ki, causing them to be able to deal  much more damage. It also allows her to block things like blades and swords with her hands without as much damage.
    • Purity of Body: The amount of Ki she has prevents her from being poisoned or diseased. She is extremely dissatisfied with this one as it prevents her from getting drunk
    • Tongue of the Sun and Moon: After intense training, Beau is able to touch the minds of those around her. It allows her to be understood by any creature or person she is talking to. And to understand them
    • Timeless Body: The amount of Ki she has gained throughout her trainings and meditation has allowed her to transcend physically aging. She will still eventually die of old age, but will not suffer the effects of growing elderly 
    • Empty Body: By using half of the Ki that she has accumulated in her body to turn herself invisible to the naked eye. While she is in this state she is able to withstand much more damage than normal.
    • Astral Projection: Using all the Ki in her body allows Beau to push her soul into the astral plane and move freely away from her body. If her body is harmed in any way, she is immediately sucked back into her body and resumes consciousness


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