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11/30/2019 07:11 PM 

Editing for others and gifts (my advice)

I'd like to talk about edits people make for others. Mostly when randomly done by the editor in regards to someone's character or as a friendship pic.

Edits when given in general is always a nice thought since it's generally not often someone enjoys your company enough to do it in the average case. Someone makes something for you unannounced and they give you the link. You check it out and often you see two things with one common error.

1. It's a friendship edit, yet they choose a pic that made your character look like a thirsty person, worshiping their character, if not a pic that makes you question why they chose a pic that's a bit too sexual looking when your characters in rp may not even came that close ever.

2. It's a solo edit of your character that's nothing like them. Let's say you have a well dressed female character. Generally normal and doesn't show much skin beyond arms, and perhaps some leg in dresses. All your pics just been learning towards the nice and elegant side. But you open that link and the edit is of your character with a big chest, in revealing clothing you wouldn't see them wear in your entire time rping them. Did they make the edit for you, or themselves and just hope you'd want to show that off?

It's a nice gesture, but if your going to edit a pic of someone's character without telling them. Be sure the edit matches their character and do what you can to make sure it's not anything that'll give off the wrong image, especially when it come to friendship pics. On other accounts in the way past I had this happen to me a few times. While I appreciate the gesture, I did not appreciate having my character without my consent involved in a pic that made him look like some horny person to a character he doesn't know nor would look at in that way.

Moving onto it and gifts in general my advice is this. Being nice and giving compliments is good and all. And if you enjoy someone and want to give them gifts do so if you please. But take your rl self into consideration. Would you do this in rl to a person? How would you think a random would feel if you gave them gifts and many compliments upon meeting them? (aside from those who may accept just to use you then leave you when you got nothing to give) Even if you just seek to be friends, your gonna come off as creepy and the person in many cases is going to be less likely to talk to you.

It's the same here, if you start making edits of someone's character or flooding them with compliments, or know the person in game and just showering them in gifts so quickly. While they may like it at first and take you as a kind person, they'll quickly get tired and seek space away from you. Know the limits of being nice and just being too much to deal with.

Overall it's best to check with someone however possible that you wish to make an edit for or compliment. Especially if your the type that'll take it to as many pics as possible. Some may like it, some may roast you for it. Some may not care. Everyone is different so that's why it's a need to check. Look at their info, look for rules, or ask even them if you find yourself unsure how they may react to those actions.

Everyday sites like this get more serious. It gets harder to make friends and easier to lose them. People come and go often, and with those going it's always a chance it can be your closest friends that'll put you back into the pit of finding new ones. You got bots, stalkers, those who may not like you and more out there. So it's important you try your hardest to be a decent person because these days it's so easy to lose it all. Even if you are doing well, not many can deny that rping is kind of being killed off and those who can run the sites aren't having too much motivation, so that chance of them just going away for good will always be looming over.

Stay safe and be careful out there.


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