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11/30/2019 11:29 PM 

Hetalia character (1)

Name: Madison


Age: 18

Looks: She has long white hair that falls past her knees, her eyes are different colors (her right being baby blue and left white), she’s around 4’9 with a small and slim doll like figure.

Personality: Mattie’s a shy, but sweet and caring person. Once she’s able to get to know people and become comfortable around them, she’s able to become more open and bubbly. While she might be a little different from her brother, she didn’t mind to much seeing as she looked up to him and enjoyed his company. Even if it can get pretty annoying easily, but she usually just let Norway handle him while she hangs out either with Finland baking or with Iceland watching a movie or something, or even with Sweden reading.


Brothers- Denmark 

Past: Mattie had been found when she was just a small micronation in Denmark named The Kingdom of Elleore when it was first coming together, she was alone and decided to let Denmark be over her and soon thought of him as a old brother. Seeing as she was only a micronation, Denmark never felt the need to let any other countries really know/meet her outside of the Nordic’s in worry they would scare her or worse. But now as she became eighteen in human years, he decided it would be okay letting her join him and the other nordics to a world meeting so she could get to see how being a country is like


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