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| Character Information |

Ren is not my character, all rights go to Gatobob! Go check out their work, it’s amazing if you’re into that kind of stuff!! But be warned, most of Gatobob’s work- including Boyfriend To Death- is NOT for anyone under 18.



Name: Ren Hana

Age: 19 (BTD) - 21 (BTD2)

Ren Hana is from the visual novel games Boyfriend To Death (BTD), and Boyfriend To Death 2: Fresh Blood (BTD2). Most of his story is explained in the following paragraphs, or will be revealed in the plot of the roleplay! (Or, I can straight up explain, whatever works). He was kidnapped by Strade when he was around 19, and basically kept as a pet. After being used for Strade’s dirty work, he eventually had enough and stood up against him, killing him violently and stuffing him into some sort of ice box. Strade would regularly torture him, kept him on a shock collar and whatnot, so on and so forth, and that seems to reflect in his current personality and motives (which, will be mentioned).

In BTD, Ren is quite shy and doesn't have any intentions of speaking up or going against Strade's words, leaving him mostly defenseless. However, in BTD 2, Ren is generally a happy, upbeat type of person; one that enjoys talking and making some friends. He's clingy and can become obsessive if all goes well, not wanting to risk any sort of issues or drama. Often heading out to the bar on evenings to find some new...uh, "friends" he often befriends them in some ways here and there that he has picked up from his previous owner. However, despite his mannerisms and what crimes he may commit, his regular nature hides his intentions pretty well which is why typically he chooses people he can manipulate easily (which reflects Strade’s style of work). However, when he picks a victim, he has no reason to be cruel to them without good reasoning, so generally it'll be a "fun" kidnapping, if that's possible...unless it goes south. Well, not all that fun, but it doesn’t have to be bad unless the victim makes it bad. Of course, this is just what generally happens on a night out for him. Who knows, everything might get switched right around, ahh. That’s up for the plot to decide. He's not the strongest either, so he uses small tools or tricks like chains, ropes, shock collars etc. to his advantage, but Ren can be overpowered and forced into submission as well without a doubt. He can also become rather feral real quickly, going all out and really living up to his fox-like nature. That's only for extreme cases, however. Mostly.
...also, funnily enough, Ren is a bit of a weeb. Go figure, huh?

Ren is a rather small, part-fox part human character- similar to a Kitsune. His orange-ish hair is a bit fluffy, and his fox-like ears blend into it, able to be hidden when he needs them to be. As of BTD 2, he wears a green jacket, which is presumably his prior owners jacket after Ren killed him. Alongside that, he wears a black tank top, biker gloves and dark pants with a belt. On his face, he has two peculiar triangle-like markings right below his eyes, both the color red. He has small fangs and sharp nails/claws on his hands, and a fox tail that can easily wrap around his body. Due to his previous owner using him for his own personal reasons- which won’t be explained right here- Ren was left with endless scars and markings all over his body, which are fairly well hidden in BTD 2. In BTD, however, Ren is still under the control of his owner Strade. He only wears a white tank top, glasses, some shorts and a thick shock collar around his neck. This reveals many more markings and scars due to less coverage, but as sort of mentioned, his look changes.

Orientation: Bi, switch

Additional info can be found here: boyfriendtodeathgame.fandom.com/wiki/Ren



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