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12/02/2019 02:24 PM 

Rules of the Northuldran

I don't normally make rules for accounts but these are also nothing out of the norm.

1. Assume I'm always in character unless it's written " |Like this.| ". 
2. I will not have Iduna be part of any romance rp unless it's with an Agnarr and even then, it must have chemistry/a build up between the characters.

3. Have common courtesy and don't allude to anything sexual. I will just brush it off or worse.
4. Sadly there's not much to know about Iduna so I will write her as more curious and even a little reckless as a child/teen during her years with the Northuldran. As queen, she'll be the kind, polite queen who would do anything for her family and kingdom. 
5. ^^Being said, a little dark themes could be implied into RPs.
6. Replies will be hella late some days so please be patient with me.

Otherwise, everyone is welcomed! Regardless if we're no where NEAR the same verse, it's the story telling that counts!


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