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Mary Belle ❤

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January 18th, 2020

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Gender: Female

Age: 20
Country: Australia

Signup Date:
May 19, 2018


01/07/2020 09:31 PM 

My Rules ❤
Current mood:  exotic

1. Very rarely will I accept friend request from men, I usually send them if I find interest. If I deny you once, I will continue denying if sent again.

2. I am a very selective adder. Cannot hold that against me.

3. Don't be rude or crude or mean. I wont respond but just instantly block you. I don't waste time on people who want to bicker and fight.

4. If I don't receive a response message (if I add you or you add me) Or a message at all I tend to either ignore you and have you as a number or delete you all together

5. It takes me time to reply so please do be patient~

6. I am ALWAYS in character


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