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January 16th, 2020

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Gender: Female
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Age: 19
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January 08, 2020


01/08/2020 05:17 PM 

Allie's Powers

Allie is a superhuman born with the powers of a ghost. She mistakenly believed it to be simple telekinesis since she was young, but learned that she had so much more inside of her. She thought that perhaps her powers were given to her as compensation for taking away language or maybe part of her mental faculties was the price she had to pay for such abilities. Anytime she actives her powers, her eyes and body become surrounded with a blue colored aura. If she's using telekinesis, the object that is being manipulated receives a similar aura.


Allie's telekinesis is extremely powerful, giving her the mental strength to lift multiple vehicles or industrial machines at once and the precision to manipulate anything she can physically see or perceive. Her inability to process basic mathematical prowess gives her little understanding of how much she could actually lift in precision.


Allie  is almost constantly levitating above the Earth. Due to her powers, she has a passive weightlessness that keeps her ultimately suspended a meter or so above the ground. She can still force herself to the ground but it requires mental effort and doesn't like to keep it up for long. She has described the sensation of walking as tiring and unnecessary as well. She much prefers the usage of floating or flying with telekinesis. 


Allie is able to render herself completely out of phase with the physical world. She can move through solid objects, walls, floors, ceilings, etc. She does this often as she doesn't really care to use doors.


Allie can make herself completely invisible to the human eye. While she can still be detected through anything that doesn't require traditional sight, this ability makes it much easier to move with stealth. 


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