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Thor - Character Sheet

[Thor's character/personality is based on Norse Myths and Legends, he has nothing to do with Marvel's interpretation

Name: Thor
Aliases: God of Thunder, Berserker, Son of Odin
Hair: Green
Eyes: Gold 
Race: Norse God
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Occupation: Heroic Spirit 
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Curious (Female Lean)
Likes: Fighting, Alcohol, Meat
Dislikes: Jörmungandr, Loki, Cowardice
Personality: Charismatic, Loud, Sincere 

Thor is able to be damaged by most spells and foreign magic, he's knowledgeable with Norse magecraft but has little to no understanding of other gods'. In addition, despite his immense power and incredibly durable body he's not especially on his own. Opponents with high Evasion and Speed stats typically have the advantage, infuriating Thor into an even more reckless battle. Like most Norse Gods, Thor is a favorable drinker and will indulge in near fatal amounts of liquor; while drunk he's unable to focus his mana or strength, sometimes even stumbling into causing disasters or drunken brawls. 

Outside of combat, Thor is kinda dumb and gullible... His kind and almost child-like trusting nature makes him easy to manipulate, this causes him to often be tricked into using his strength in favor of less noble tasks. While Thor does consider himself a 'Hero' his lack of thinking and bull-headed behavior makes most wonder if the lecherous powerhouse is worthy of his role as a Heroic Spirit. 


Thor possesses a divine body, capable of withstand incredible damage and what would be fatal wounds for humans. However, Thor's biggest separation from his fellow gods is his immense (and sometimes uncontrollable) strength. Thor is capable of focusing his mana into fueling his body's natural athleticism and physical attributes. In terms of brute strength, he's capable of rivaling or even overpowering other gods yet his immature personality prevents him from truly utilizing his strength, instead believing in a 'fair fight'.  Electrical-based magic and attacks typically won't work on Thor, as the God of Thunder he's capable of not only taking such attacks with ease but even redirecting them. As a Heroic Spirit, Thor has a few Noble Phantasms at his disposal yet despite their strength it's actually not a guarantee Thor will be able to use them (see below): 

  • Mjölnir: Thor's most iconic weapon, a hammer forged by the Sons Ivaldi (Brokkr and Sindri) from incredibly rare metal even to the gods. It's extremely powerful and when harnessed grants Thor even greater strength and mastery over his thunderous abilities. While the hammer is in use, Thor can conjure storms or crack the very landscape with a single thrust. HOWEVERMjölnir is sentient and extremely fickle (especially with Thor). Depending on the situation and the reasoning Thor summoned it for the hammer can decide Thor 'isn't worthy' and therefore forbid him from lifting it; this usually infuriates and embarrasses Thor. 
  • Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr: Thor possess a chariot, divine enough to grant him the possible Rider-class if he isn't able to claim the position of Berserker-class. The golden chariot is pulled by two goats -- Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr -- who are known as the 'Gods of Goats' in Norse's mythology. The powerful pair are capable of incredible strength, flight and casting Thunder-based magic. Both goats are unable to be killed, instead resurrect themselves. The chariot allows Thor to increase his mobility and speed substantially. Although, just because Thor summons his chariot is doesn't mean he can access it. Over millennia, while traveling to foreign worlds (some without any life, food or water) the God of Thunder was forced to kill and eat the goats (knowing they would resurrect shortly after). After dealing with Thor's nonsense for millennia, both goats are extremely annoyed with him and will either ram him or bite him in protest to him wanting their help after being summoned. Sometimes Thor can bribe them with offerings of food or childish pleas for help, but this is rare.

Ultimate Noble Phantasm: Ragnarok Unleashed 
When pushed to his absolute edge, Thor has a single final Noble Phantasm left but even he avoids using it. The technique was crafted purely to kill Jörmungandr during Ragnarok while Thor was alive and this ultimately led to Thor's own death. The technique converts all of Thor's very soul into mana, flooding his body to the point of near destruction yet it multiplies his stats his greatly even knowing that once this move is used he'll never be able to disable it. Ragnarok Unleashed puts such a strain on Thor's body that it can only withstand that form for around 12-hours, his body becomes so electrified that his skin is burnt away revealing a pure blue embodiment of energy beneath. While in this state, Thor is most vulnerable and his godhood is disabled meaning he can be severely injured or killed if struck with a powerful enough attack; this vulnerability ultimately led to him being poisoned so many centuries ago. 


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