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Zie Wolfen

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January 14th, 2020

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Gender: Male

Age: 28
Country: Japan

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May 06, 2013


01/11/2020 09:20 PM 

Zie's Info- Background is under Co.

Full Name: Zie Wolfen

Age: 327

Gender: Male

Race: Ex-Shinigami/Soul-Reaper

Sexual Preferences: Pansexual 

Nickname(s): Wolfie

Alias(es): None

Birthday: Jan 16

Birth Place: Unknown


Appearance of the Character

Eye Color: Aqua Blue

Hair Color: Blond

Height: 5'10

Weight: 160

Handedness: Right

Tattoos/Birthmarks/Scars: Zie has several battle wounds littering his body. All from past bouts that He had Won and/or Lost

Jewelry/Accessories: Iron Studs in each ear

General Appearance: Zie, Being skinny, was Ripped beneath his clothing. Usually wearing an Assortments of clothing, and never Seen wearing the drab uniform He used to wear, Back when He was a Shinigami of the Seireitei. 


About the Character

Personality: Zie was Goofy, but at the same time, Cocky. He will joke, and play around, sometimes childishly. But He also has a Cockyness about him. He was never afraid to speak his mind.

Hobbies/Interests: Sleeping, Picking on people. 

Phobias/Fears: Unknown

Habits: Smoking, Breaking into people's homes to sleep.

Mannerisms: Being goofy at times, but also an ass. 

Goals/Motivations/Dreams: None/Unknown

Spiritual Power: Captain-Level 


Character Type

Soul Reaper/Shinigami

Profession: Ex-Shinigami

Base of Operations: Unknown

Current Squad/Division: None

Previous Squad/Division: 11th Squad: 2nd chair

Current Position: (Captain/Lieutenant/Seat/etc.)

Previous Position: (Captain/Lieutenant/Seat/etc.)

Powers and Abilities:

Swordsmanship - Expert: highly skilled in using Zanpakuto while sealed or in its Shikai.

Kido - Master: Has great knowledge of Kido and its various forms. Very proficient enough to use high-level spells to great effect even without incantation, and can use multiple spells in rapid succession.

Shunpo/Flash Step - Master: Is capable of maintaining high speed movements for extended periods of time while using the least amount of steps to achieve those movements.

Zanpakuto: Mira'inu (?? Forsaken Canine)

Zanpakuto Spirit - https://i.imgur.com/RFFX2jr.jpg 

Sealed - Katana

Hilt: Beige

Guard: Two separate wolves standing behind one another around the hilt.

Shikai - Release: "Snarl, Mira'inu"

         Form: https://i.imgur.com/ppWVnPY.jpg - Mira’Inu shifts into a Bastard-Sword. A Raging wolf head on it’s Pommel. This sword can be used one handed, or two.

Special Abilities - Mira’inu have two abilities.  1st: It enhances Zie’s Skills; Strength, Sword-art, Speed, and Sound is overloaded. 2nd: The blade of Mira’inu Cancels out every energy type attack that hits it’s blade. The blade only, and not the hilt.

Bankai - Not Yet Unlocked. 




Mother - Unknown

Father - Unknown

Siblings - Unknown

Aunts/Uncles - Unknown

Nieces/Nephews - Unknown

Partner/Spouse -  None

Children - None


Character Background

It was said, Zie was once a very dignified person. But from years of being lied to,   


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