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Tiok's Story

Tiok Vax was  a dark haired elf born to Gek and Leth Vax, a pair of extremely wealthy merchants,  in the exact middle of the night on the longest night of the year. The elders of the small fishing village he was born in took that as a dark omen. They pleaded with his family to give up the child before it was too late. His parent denied their pleas. And the village elders decided to allow him to live, under one condition. They told the parent that they had to brand Tiok with the symbol of the Tidekeeper, Percilan. Tiok's parents did not see an alternative, so they agreed. So the 7 pointed star was seared into his skin. 

As he grew up, Tiok hated his life. Everyone at the village hated him. None of the kids ever went near him, and whenever he walked through the town, he was met with hushed voices and vicious whispers. Accidents seemed to follow him whenever he left his house too. One of the worst "accidents" happened when a particularly "loose" rope that was holding a large weight nearly crushed Tiok, leaving a nasty scar running down his arm where the weight had slid against and nearly pulled him under. After that, Tiok's parents kept him inside the house

Tiok took this as an opportunity to give himself the tools he would need to leave this place and never return. He devoured any and all knowledge that was put in front of him. His parents had brought the finest weaponmasters for him to train under.  By the time he was 12, he was helping his parents run their merchant enterprise. The only thing they did not let him travel on any of their ships. They told him time and time again that it was too dangerous for him. Tiok fought and fought with them, but to no avail. 

As the years passed, Tiok reached age 16. His parents had turned over running the business to him and had taken to running some of the ships. They still had forbidden Tiok from riding with them. As day after day passed, Tiok felt like he was a prisoner. A slave being held against his will. As the unrest grew, a voice began to speak out to him. A whisper at the back of his mind. Poking him, prodding him to escape. Soon after the voice appeared, his parents told him that they were going on a longer voyage than usual. Tiok saw this as his golden opportunity. As they focused on their preparations, he collected all his belongings that he treasured above all else and made a pack for himself. Then the night before they were supposed to leave, Tiok crept up onto the boat they were using and stowed himself away. 

As the boat left the island, the ocean grew more and more restless. The crew was worried. The skies were clear. There was no reason for the sea to behave like this. Tiok's parents began to worry. After 3 days on sea that was growing worse and worse, Tiok could hide no longer. He thought they were far enough out to sea that his parents would have no choice but to accept him on the voyage. As he made his way to the deck, the boat was empty. Not a soul was on board. As Tiok grew more and more frantic, he saw no signs of life. As the sun set, Tiok cried as he leaned against the mast. Finally as the moon came full into the nights sky, Tiok's answer finally  came. As Tiok tried to fall asleep, a large wave slowly crept up the side of the boat. Tiok stood up quickly and drew his two favorite daggers. As the water sloshed onto the deck, it slowly began to form into a man. Wearing a dark green pair of pants that looked as though they were made of seaweed, Tiok stared at what could only be described as looking into a mirror. Except the other man was older and had grown a beard. Tiok thought he was hallucinating. It wasnt until the man spoke that he knew it was real. 

"Well, I never expected to meet my champion like this. Pleased to meet you, boy. My name is Percilan. I am the god of the Sea and keeper of the underworld. And you are Tiok Vax, who bear my brand upon your back. I would have more to say, but you need to learn things for yourself. So I am just going to give you this and tell you to find me when you are ready to get the answers of what you are destined to do for yourself." Reaching over,  he placed a finger on each of Tiok's daggers. The black steel slowly began to glow green and blue as the took on the powers of the sea. "This should help keep you safe for a bit. Try not to die. I would hate to have to get another champion." Percilan said as he winked and disappeared into water obce more. 

Tiok collapsed. He could not comprehend what just happened. The only reason he knew it actually had was the fact that his blades were changed. Now armed with more questions than answers, Tiok tried to figure out what to do next


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