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01/12/2020 04:08 PM 

Answers (Part 2)

With fall fast approaching, the leaves begin their usual descent into warmer colors, leaving behind the eighty plus temperature days, and endless sun.A fitting moment, a moment that Edon knew was slowly on it's way, like watching a sunrise.

Edon sat in the back of a rusty, worn out Renault, a sort of taxi cab. Andrik was there, too, in the passenger seat, the words of a Russian conversation exchanging between driver and passenger. Edon himself never visited Kosovo. The country had this....old world feel to it, like you were living in the late eighties, early nineties. No flashy neon, no modern architecture, even the cars were old. Only, there wasn't any sort of nostalgia. Kinda depressing, like a Noir drama. 

Village after village, the car ride drug on. If he had to count? The car ride had to have last no more than six hours, to the point his extremities were getting a little stiff. An omnious sign that read "Bare". The name of the village. The dingy looking Renault soon pulled up to a small little tavern, Andrik and Edon soon left the vehicle. 

Another man soon met the two, obviously the landlord of the property. After an exchange of words and some currency, the two unpacked their belongings, and settled in a room. 

"Edon. After dinner, I promise. All of your questions will be answered." 

Dinner rolled around. Bittersweet. Edon barely finished his meal, the anticipation nearly eating away at him. Once dinner was over, two older men soon walked into the tavern, shovels in hand. The moment Edon saw those shovels, his questions were already answered. Another conversation, then, a beckon out the door.

As the four men walked through the village, people watched. Men, women, children. There was an ominous silence, like a funeral was going on. All that could be heard were the padding of sneakers on stone, and the wind picking up from the west. 

The trek only lasted five minutes. An old farmhouse up the stone road, long abandoned, and long rotted away. In the back, was a hole dug, six feet deep. In it were the skeletal remains of two individuals, clothed remains of civilian clothes, and two buried AK-47s. Everyone stood there in silence, but it all finally came out. Edon had to know. 

"Is....is this them? Ma? Pa?" Hesitation in Edon's voice began to escape. One of the men had a sad look on his face, and dug into his pocket, removing a small ironed on patch, it had the Albanian Eagle on it. That's all Edon needed to know who those two truly were. Reality began settling in, and the heaviness of the boy's heart became too unbearable. The weight caused Edon to sink to his knees, his head hunched down, still looking at the two's remains.

"Треба му времена. Доћи"

The two men left, though, Andrik stayed for a few moments, watching Edon. A slow drizzle of rain began, followed by heavier and heavier drops. Andrik soon caught up to the two other men. Edon needed time alone. The rain turned into a torrential downpour soon, but he didn't budge. 

That omnious question in the back of his mind was answered. In a way, he knew the outcome. But damn did it hurt when he finally got it. Edon could only mutter four words.

Më mungojnë dy…

(Depressing, I know. :c )


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