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January 18th, 2020

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Gender: Female

Age: 28
Country: Italy

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January 12, 2020


01/12/2020 05:07 PM 


1. Patience is needed if your waiting on replies- I'm a busy woman and have a life outside of role play, I put a lot of work into my writing to make up for that. 

2. this is a hobby, not my job.

3. I don't tolerate hypocrites, B u l l s h i t or stupidity so if your either or the ladder, see ya. 

4. I do not write smut or erotica, don't even bother asking. 

5. I do not instantly ship with people who want to ship with my character, I think it's reckless jumping in on the first go as they do not last long. 

6. I do not write combat against other writers as I have retired due to annihilating others in the past as they were too scared to continue and chickened out. 

7. I write with detail thus it takes me a lot of time to write starters and Replies- Quality over Quantity.

8. I prefer starters over discussions; I'm a veteran of writing Trish. 

9. I multiship- it doesn't hurt you so if that bothers you so be it. 


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