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01/13/2020 04:12 PM 

Toxemia Character information.

Full name: Zoisite Lowe. (Host)

Name meaning: Happiness, elemental stone.

Alias: Toxemia, prince, project x0834.

Nick names: Toxic, Zoi, etc.

age: 19-24.

Gender: Male.

Species: Mutated Symbiote/former human. (human spliced with a new modified version of a symbiote where it completely takes over the body and host.)

 Career: Owned by and employee of Williams pharmaceuticals/anti hero.

Likes/dislikes: Learning, killing, hearing screams, humans, animals(to pet and not eat surprisingly.)/ High pitched noises, fire, new things he doesn't know about, tests.

 Family: Plague(Genetic parent), Venom(Genetic parent), the Williams family.

 Sexuality: bisexual.

Relationship: --single.

Abilities:  Body storage or the ability to hold things and keep it hidden within the symbiote skin and suit. Camouflage capability and able to change the hosts clothing at will and if not fully attached and blend into its surroundings even the parasite can change into somebody else for a short time. Matter generation; Able to manifest tendrils and the like often as a offensive tactic. Copying the hosts genetic code and inherit its powers. Web generation. Superhuman strength, stamina, and speed. The symbiote has a telepathic power with its host and other symbiotes. Materializing weapon shapes. Blending into surroundings. Web like material used for capturing prey and enemies and not falling from heights.

Weaknesses: Fire and high pitched noises.


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