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02/09/2020 12:40 PM 

Plots And Rules
Category: Guidelines

Here are some plots and rules for anybody that's willing to Roleplay with me.

Plot 1 (Romance/Fantasy)
Over time, 2 kingdoms have been fighting for territory that lies between them. In this territory is the artifact known as Arsene, Which grants the user of it powers relished from hell itself. Whichever side can make it to Arsene first is up to your choices. It's the kingdom of Lios VS the kingdom of Sara.

Plot 2 (Overwatch)
Sometime in the future, Overwatch and Talon are both flourishing with life. Overwatch on the side of the people and the good, While Talon hides in the shadows of the dark and evil. However, When Mei-resident travel agent and Cryoscientist of Overwatch discovers gateways to the past, A new group of rebellious ancient warriors make their ways into the Ovetwatch world. Now, The very face of history shall change, And its up to these new warriors of history to make their own stories in life.

Plot 3 (Fantasy/Adventure)
Since birth, You have had the natural ability to see unknown glimpses of the future, And because of this, The government have taken you and trapped you in a simulated reality set in a virtual fantasy world. 14 years have passed since then, And now that you are a fully developed person living your life in this world, A new adventure falls upon you. This is your story.

Plot 4 (Code Vein)
In a dystopian future covered in the ruins of a hidden past, You are found abandoned somewhere by a black ops organization known as X-R. Being taken in and recruited, You live your new life as their newest recruit.

Plot 5 (Action/Adventure)
In the modern day, A war happens between two sides of the planet. One side (the eastern side of the world) Wins this war and destroys almost the entirety of the other side (the western side) And sends the western side of the world into a dystopian and barely surviving future. Being forced to regress backwards in this new society, A group of 5 Plague Doctors lead a resistance to fight their way to the eastern side of the world and start a new life.

Plot 6 (Crossover)
In a world known as the Uniscape, From June to August every year the strongest warriors from 4 different universes are brought into an arena made by the Uniscapes ruler, Alduin. All the time before and after this tournament is spent living out their normal lives on their respective worlds. However, Two gods under Alduin use their powers to fuse the universes into one... What will happen?

Plot 7 (Romance/Adventure)
On a mission for the kingdom of Limsa to recover a pack of stolen weapons, A group of coated cultists kidnap you and your partner and take you away. However, Once saved by a thief named Therion, You and him embark on a quest to find your friend and a mythical item known as the Dragonstones.

Plot 8 (Fantasy/Adventure)
You are an android created by the science based mega corporation COSA, And in an attempt to experiment using the likes of black holes and time travel, You are sent back in time to gather information on the world in the mythical year of 1707.

Plot 9 (Code Vein)
A group of super powered Human-Vampire hybrids known as Revenants are popping up across the world, And their being created to repopulate the earth after a giant cataclysmic war. This war spawns things like Blood Beads, Lost, And Bloodsprings, And the Revenants need to find a way to live this new life.
Now that the Plots are out of the way, Onto my Rules!

I'm a very open and flexible person, So feel free to ask any questions that are needed!

Please tell me most if not all of your triggers or things that tick you off, And I shall try and avoid it as well as possible.

I'm always open to OCs or Canon Characters of any kind, So don't be afraid to request if you can be a character!

I only do Roleplays of the following Genre's:

Anything besides these shall be rejected.

I shall allow smut and 18+. Tell me if your not ok with this and I will avoid it.

If I do not know of the character that your Roleplaying as, Please give me some background information before we start as I'll do the same thing for you.

I only Roleplay with Semi Literate to Literate Roleplayers, And that means 3+ lines or more when Roleplaying.

I have a life (somewhat) As I go to school, Play video games, And need to sleep sometimes. So please dont barrage me with messages if I'm not here.

If you ever need somebody to just talk to and aren't in the mood for Roleplaying, I'll be here.

Don't take control of my characters unless I allow it. It can get very annoying.

Don't be Overpowered and be able to dodge all attacks and kill everything in one shot.

If anything in the Roleplay bothers you, Please tell me.

Please don't be rude towards me OOC (Out Of Character) I wish for respect as I hope that you wish for the same.

That's pretty much it for my Plots and Rules. How you guys enjoy my company!

If you read this far,  Comment "Another Side, Another Story"


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