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Category: Guidelines

| Admin Information |

|Specifically for Vocaloid Roleplays|
- Ships are fine!
- Len Kagamine is my preferred main character, I haven't experimented with other vocaloid's, though I can try attempting some?
- Anything NSFW can be discussed privately, and Len's age will be bumped to 16/18 if so!
- AU’s and such are fine, especially since there's no real story or anything!
- AU's based off of songs are fine as well.
- Headcanons are fine too!!
- To be continued? Maybe?? :00

|Personal Roleplay Preferences|
- 18 years old.
- OC's and AU's are fine, as sort of mentioned!
- Good grammar is preferred and appreciated! (But, as long as it's readable then I don't really mind!)
- Semi lit to advanced literate, meaning around a half a paragraph to four plus, give or take. I like to write a lot, oops.
- Despite what I just said, I like to match the length of what my partner writes, anyways! As long as it's not one word, then I'm fine with it.
- Personally, I prefer to use canon characters and use them in third person (but, if my partner wishes to be an OC that's fine, however I do prefer both using canon characters, but it's really not that big of a deal!)
- Crossovers are also fine!
- Violence, gore, dark/triggering themes, swearing, triggering topics, etc is perfectly fine and even encouraged (depending on the situation, obviously!)
- Angst!!! Cute, fluffy stuff!!! Yes please??? Either or, it keeps me alive-
- Anything NSFW can be discussed privately, as mentioned!
- Discord and Instagram are available if you wish to talk there! I have a few other platforms but I don't consistently use them as often as those two.
- Uhhh....that's about it! I'd be more than happy to help come up with stuff for the plot if you didn't have anything in mind, creating a story together is better anyways! Also, I'll say it here before anything else, I really, really apologize if I don't reply! I've either gotten busy, forgotten, or physically couldn't bring myself to due to issues with lack of motivation- please don't be offended if I don't reply, I hope you can understand ♥ But I'd love to talk and make new friends, please don't be shy to message me!!


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