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February 22nd, 2020

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February 05, 2020


02/13/2020 01:06 PM 


1. Don’t godmode. Meaning: don’t control my muse and/or harm her. This goes to the other muses. If you do, you’re blocked.

2. Romance rps happens if the muses have chemistry. Nikki will always be faithful to whoever she’s with. She’s also single ship. Meaning: Only one muse and one muse only. Same goes for the other muses on here. They are off the ‘single’ board once claimed.
< 3. Be patient. I do have a life outside roleplay. There are times that I don’t want to do any roleplays at all. I have other messages to get to. It does not mean I am gonna be mute.

4. I do para and semi para. Sometimes I do multi para, depending if I want to do more or add another muse to the roleplay. Do not send novellas. Please and thank you.

5. I do not do ANY of the following:

Underage muses and with admins under the age 18+ for nsfw themes.


6. No drama.

7. Do not block me without no damn reason.

8. I have a total of five or more fandoms. Each have a oc I created for that fandom. Sometimes I take a break from a fandom, ex: Resident Evil, due some issues.

9. If I told someone a certain person is out of my life, it’s true. I don’t care about that person named Adam.

10. Don’t assume I hacked you. I don’t know how to hack. I wouldn’t do that. If I made you an email and a profile and did the things needed to be done; like edit the profile, etc, I’m off of it.

11. I have more than one Nikki. They are in each fandom, starting with my mascot Nikki Wesker (Resident Evil), Nicky, Nick (male version), Nikki (Fnaf) and Nikki Amato (Yandere Simulator).

12. In addition to rule 2, all of my oc’s and most of my canon muses are single ship and will stay true to their love partners. I expect yours do the same. If you unfriend and/or block me, the muse will automatically be single. However, there’s a chance for you to get them back IF you add me back and request it.

13. I only block if someone starts drama with me, godmod my muse or threatened me.

14. Do not ask me out in real life. I’m not here for rl dating, only roleplaying. Especially when you come onto me. I’m not interested at all. Do not show me a photo of your privates either.

15. New rule as of 12-31-2019: Do not force me to change any of my muses, female or male, into a anthro animal. That just not my style. Don’t start drama over it as well. I had my share with a role player who shipped one of my muses with a talking dog. I stopped the ship cause I don’t feel comfortable with it. I rather not do it anymore.

16. No random starters without discussing a plot.

{{More rules to come. }}


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