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February 19th, 2020

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02/13/2020 04:31 PM 

Category: Guidelines
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1) First off, I am friendly and versatile, please don't be rude to me. 2) Have fun! This isn't a job, don't make it feel too much like one and we'll be good friends! None of us get paid to do this. 3) My character, I'll roleplay her MY WAY, do NOT tell me how she is supposed to be properly roleplayed as that is MY decision alone! 4) I prefer discussion before just jumping into things, however we can wing it, but if I feel something needs to change during the roleplay, I will let you know. I find discussion is easier so that neither writer is uncomfortable mmkay? 5) Aside from being friends outside of roleplay, that's all that will happen. You don't need a specific reasons for this, just know unless I feel particularly close to you, my real life outside of medical issues and such is to remain my own business. 6) I love making friends, but there are boundaries, don't overstep them and we'll be just fine. 7) Sometimes replies even to just discussions can take forever due to me having a lot of health problems, usually it's not because I don't want to discuss or roleplay, it's literally I don't feel well enough! So I would appreciate patience and if you know you can't have the patience, then please take yourself off my list now. 8) RL always comes first, specially my own health. If you're gonna get crazy or something over this, again... leave now! 9) Replies usually go from Top to bottom, meaning whatever I have first (at the top). 10) I prefer messages for roleplay and discussion both as it is easier for me to keep track of what's going on since I don't always have the best memory due to seizures. 11) Do not try to control me or my character, I have family and friends I've known longer and know outside of roleplay, we are a very tight knit group, meaning you will NOT tell me who I am or not allowed to be friends with or talk to or interact with in or outside of roleplay! If this is what you want? Please leave. Also know I typically put them first too 12) Although I'll admit now that yes I do more adult roleplay.... My mature dark themes are mainly due to the fact my character is a vampyre. (Which involves blood, and other supernatural creatures) 13) Unless discussed beforehand, know that there will be no kidnapping or killing my character, that's my job, not yours, you'll never have my permission to kill her, end of discussion. On top of that? I don't ALLOW rape PERIOD! RULES REGARDING SHIPPING★★★★★★★★★★★★★ 1) I am a multishipper, if this bothers you, please leave 2) ABSOLUTELY NO JEALOUSY 3) ALL roleplays AND stories UNLESS done and agreed upon with other parties are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AND THEREFORE SEPARATE 3) I am and my character are flirts, but unless I specifically tell you or specify it means something? It doesn't 4) Just because our characters sleep together and/or are together, does NOT mean the same for us. 5) I don't do one night stands, that's overrated and boring. 6) I typically like story and interaction over a period of time over the characters just jumping into bed together, unless we discussed this beforehand

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Isaak LeCroix™


Read and understood, my sweet.

Posted on Thu Feb 20, 2020, 17:52

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