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02/14/2020 12:35 PM 

Daemon Savage: Valencia Panther Faunus

Name: Daemon Savage

Abilities/Semblance : Beserk the Immortal....a semblance that allows Daemon to absorb various forms of energy by contact to rapidly heal himself or empower himself augmenting his physical traits and senses. It activates instinctively in the event of potential fatal injury feeding off his own Aura before going after whatever he is in contact. Born during his time in the wilds fighting grim the energy he absorbs drives him into a state of beserk based on how much energy he absorbs or devours causing him to attack anything considered a threat and moving on instinct alone. This semblance essentially makes him immortal so long as his body can feed off living energy even if he had no head. If he happens to feed off the energy of a semblance he can become increasingly resistant to it's effects or temporarily grant him special aspects of the semblance.

Weapons and equipment :  Daemon has undergone various experimental procedures from Atlas taking advantage of his semblance to enhance his combat ability. Ranging prosthetics to implants, only his desire to become a better grim slayer kept him from breaking.

-Barrel Breakers...A pair of customized tonfa which can combine and form a double barrel combat shotgun or a bo staff when combined with his prosthetic tail. The weapon has a dust shell chamber within each tonfa which enhance the impact of each hit as well as augments the shots fired from shotgun mode. The final trait of the weapon allows them to be manipulated into miniature piledrivers capable of immense destructive force. The weapon is infused with lightning, earth, and air dust using the same as shells as well as gravity and ice dust.

Prototype Intuitive Ocular Sensor: A pair of lens implants which are wired to his ocular nerves to a miniature computer in his brain that assists in analyzing information which allows Daemon to predict the movement of enemy combatants and I coming environmental threats. Designed to help him avoid injury and avoid going beserk unless necessary, once in beserk mode the implant can only assist in him assessing threats and non threats. When fighting living combatants it reads the electric impulses traveling within the nerves while other threats it reads movement patterns and picks optimal escape routes. This being showing by the illumination of his iris.

-Prosthetic Dust Tail: A prehensile prosthetic tail given to him to give him a more beast like appearance emphasizing the fact he is a panther faunus. The tail harbors power dust which can reload his weapons or detach to link with his tonfa. Helps regulate his balance in combat.

- Hard Light Panther Claws: Dust implants embedded in his fingers which create hard light claws used for light combat and movement.

 What skills do you bring to the kingdom? Examples:

 Combat experience : From a young age Daemon has spent his life fighting. His village was destroyed by grim when he was young and he had to survive alone being kept alive only by his semblance which allowed him to fight off small foes while he avoided bigger ones. It wasnt until he was found by Atlas who took him in and trained him to slightly control his semblance but mainly to fight so that they could use him as a living weapon. A lot of his training focused on control, defense, and agility with the various martial arts he learned.

 Research and development: I mean you can experiment on him since he cant really die though he wont be happy about it lol

 Mercantile and other community development It takes all walks of life to make a great kingdom after all! 

 And finally: Do you agree to hold yourself to the standards of the Kingdom of Valencia? Yup


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