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February 20th, 2020

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January 11, 2020


02/14/2020 01:48 PM 

Cumrontum, The Lustful

Cumrontum, The Lustful

 Scale color: Black 
Age: 375 
 Dimensions: 6 feet tall (ground to shoulder) 30 feet long (head to tail) 75 foot (wingspan) 

 Cumrontum was born to a female black dragon in the mountains, he lived with her until she was slain by an adventurer because they wanted her horde, unlucky for them they didn’t look behind them and were themselves slain. He had taken over her horde beginning to amass his own things like gold and gems but he wanted more, he eventually ended up wanting more intimate activities with other creatures no matter the gender. He has long horns coming from his head and his breath weapon is a line of acid


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