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February 25th, 2020

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April 15, 2019


02/14/2020 02:55 PM 

Sife's Realm Description (WiP)
Category: Blogging

Once you enter the gates of Sife's realm, you would be greeted by Demonic architecture on the left, Divine architecture on the right and a large spiral forge within the center of the realm. Once walking down the staircase to where the forge was, the forge would be around 5000 feet (1524 m) high. It would give off a more ominous presence as it had been invoked with Lost energy.The smoke stacks on the forge would bellow with a purple-green smoke of Void Fel.

The ground would be stable, but if you were to look out across the realm, it would seem like pieces of a puzzle were missing as some of parts of the ground wouldn't exist. As to why this is such a thing, only Sife and Zypher would know that answer.

An out of place earthly structure on the right would appear to be created out of natural materials not found within this realm, mainly as an embassy for an old ally and one Sife hoped would be used once again.

Any portals into the realm would be immediately redirected to the doorway, due to an enchantment cast by Ultimecia.


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