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April 4th, 2020

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January 16, 2017


03/25/2020 01:46 PM 

Angelina hero name and quirk in the my hero academia universe
Category: Stories

Applying at UA from Osaka Angelina finished in 15th place, in class 1-C her quirk is plant life she can recreate or make anything regrow she has another quirk from her late grandmother she can heal those around her She can heal up to 35 people but once she does heal she can’t use that quirk again for another 30 minutes. When she makes a friend a flower crown appears on their head however when has a crush on someone roses bloom around her when she’s either talking or standing near her crush so far it hasn’t happened yet. . If you don’t like that one she could be quirkless and specializing in close combat. Her hero name is Garden Hero: FlowerQueen


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