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Country: Japan

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March 09, 2020


03/25/2020 06:34 PM 

Diesel Riot
Category: Stories

Name: Diesel Riot
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Orientation: Demiromantic/Gynesexual
Birth place: Shinguku Labs
Identity number/barcode: 38872
Species: Zebra/human
Skin tone: Dark brown
Hair color: Magenta with stripes on bangs
Eye color: Magenta
Tattoo(s) Stripes (Zebra markings) on both arms. Barcode number on neck, base of hairline.

Profession: CEO of XTC (Ecstasy)
Annual Income: 1.5M+
Properties: Club XTC, XTC Auto, Private home, vacation home, several private apartments (locations confidential).
Automobile(s): Personal use - Audi A8 x2, Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln MKS. Other makes/models available on demand from auto lot.

Personality: Very laid back, quiet. Not afraid to put his foot down or cause harm to anyone if the situation rises. Tends to drink heavily, more so alone in his office. He is addicted to Fire Candy which is a liquid drug similar to ecstasy and heroin. Diesel is slightly depressed because he could die from his drug addiction at any moment, causing him to spontaneously combust.


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