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05/20/2020 04:29 PM 

Category: Stories
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The rain continued to pour over the buildings and streets of Kyoto, the street still crowded by people using umbrellas.
The red light district was overflowed
With men and women, deep within
The red-light district a man was
Following after a woman he just paid for.

Leading him into the back bedroom far from every other room that wasn't vacant,
The two began to kiss and taking off
Each other clothing.

The woman steps back smirking
At the man as her limbs
Began to stretch while the sound of
Bones growing and crack,
The man stun watching
In fear as the woman

Many news has reported
Strange events taking place all over
Japan, gruesome cases of death
Happening to men and woman
Even children.

The creature's skin turns grey, and her hair grew long and white. The creature fingers grew out with sharp like dead nails, the man turned around to run for his life as the creature grab the back of his head.

It nails cutting into his flesh like soft butter, causing him to bleed instantly.
The man screaming for his life muffled out by loudspeakers of music, the creature pulls him towards him as it
Began to open its mouth.

The man soul being sucked out of him slowly, as the door was kicked down.
The creature looked up at the figure of a young woman standing before it,
Dressed in a school uniform
Holding her
1095 High Carbon Steel Blade Nagimaki Samurai Naginata Katana Blade: 27.9″ Handle: 15.7″ Overall: 47.2″ at her side.

The creature stood tall before the woman
As she kicked off the ground
Towards it brings her blade down as
It grabbed hold of her blade while still having a firm grip on the man,
Raising her leg up slamming it into the
Creature side sending it throw a brick wall.

Running after it as the demonic creature
Had taken flight, She ran back before jumping out of the home in the room,
Kicking off toward another building wall scaling it.

The sound of people screaming and shouting while pointing up into the sky, cameras record it live online.
The news crew of all companies had rushed to the scene, along with helicopters getting as close as possible.

The young woman reached a rooftop as she raced after the flying beast,  the new crew in the helicopter got close enough to show a young woman chasing after it.

Pale skin hair as dark as night the flowed behind her like a wave of silky darkness
And bright crimson orbs for eyes, she jumps off the roof gaining leverage and speed kicking off of a light pole.

Raising her blade high over her head it began to shimmer a bit slicing off one of the large bat-like wings, as she kicked off its back decapitating it. The body continued to fly before crashing into a lake area.

Getting to her feet walking over to the man-body kneeling down reaching his
Pulse it was too late, she stood and took off before the news crews had arrived.


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