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05/21/2020 01:05 PM 

Bio: Snow

❄                ❄
Name: Shiryuu
Another name: Snow
Age: 18
Height: 5'6
Weight: 125
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Ice Blue
Occupation: Alive

Shiryuu is shown to be a Cold-hearted girl but also loving, she is also very loyal to her clan, as she carries out orders without question

Shiryuu has long, silver hair that reaches down to her back, and bangs that cover her forehead, her hair also seems to go down the sides of her face covering her ears. Her eyes are rarely seen as she usually keeps them closed. She is also seen wearing a brown vest, with a white collared shirt underneath, having stripes on the ends, as wells as a dark brown skirt, and red stripes on the bottom. She also wears knee-high black socks and brown loafers. But traditionally she dresses in Kimonos

 Shiryuu was living a normal life with her family in Japan when suddenly, her home was attacked by a band of ninjas of the Black Lizard Clan. Shiryuu's father attempted to fight them but was killed. Shiryuu tried to run away, but she was caught by a wire thrown around her neck by one of the ninjas. She was dragged away from her home, and left to die by being hung from a tree branch by the iron wire, called a tetsugen. After some time has passed, a woman on horseback rides to the tree and gets  Shiryuu down. Holding her in her arms, the woman looked worried about what happened to the girl. Then, Shiryuu started to move her fingers, looking to have survived the attack. After this, she was taken in by the woman, named Mochizuki Chiyome, after the actual 16th-century ninja leader, to the Takeda Clan. She was trained in the use of the tetsugen, the same weapon that was almost the death of her. Shiryuu is a student Kunoichi. She has learned much about how to use the tetsugen. She usually has one end tied to a kunai, as well as an iron weight called a fund, as well as a grappling hook for swinging across gaps. Shiryuu also has an outfit made of iron to provide much better protection from physical attacks. Along with the basic ninja tools and skills, she has other ways to get through situations. For example, she is able to use feminine charm to lure male enemies towards her, so she can go for the kill. A little something else she is able to do is if she comes across a tight opening, she is able to dislocate her right shoulder in order to get through the opening.

Normally carry around her katana but her
kunai blade or fundo (a blunt iron weight) attachment to the tetsugen (鉄弦 "iron string", or "wire"). The tetsugen also has a hook attachment that allows Shiryuu to swing to various places. Melee attacks can be performed with either the blade or fundo. By repeatedly annihilating enemies and avoiding injury, Shiryuu can build her ninjutsu gauge, which allows her to enter a sort of "bullet time" in order to more efficiently eliminate enemies. When Shiryuu is being chased by three or more enemies while targeting one of them, she can perform a powerful melee attack to annihilate all enemies in range


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