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Bio: Riho
Category: Stories

Name: Riho
Age: unknown
Weight: 120
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Shimmering Gold, or Brown
Race: Vampire
Abilities: Blood Manipulation
Favorites: her crimson bamboo flute

she is often depicted as childish and a bit creepy, enjoying and playing with human lives. In all mediums, she never wishes any humans harm and while she often may appear a bit hostile, often taunting the human characters or her enemies, this could be considered a preventive strike, When in human form she can be very clumsy most of the times.

Riho has a beautiful and youthful appearance since she is a vampire. She has long wavey silky brown hair and golden pale eyes. When in her vampire appearance, Riho always love to dress in all black with lace-up high heels 

 being a vampire Even though she is a vampire, Riho isn't harmed by sunlight, holy water, or crucifixes, and her reflection can be seen. Though she does need to drink blood to survive, she chooses her 'victims' carefully. She chooses people who have suffered a tragic loss and offers them their greatest wish – to be with their lost loved ones, - at least in their dreams – in exchange for their blood. These people live an endless dream state forever.
Before this, all this had happened,
Riho is an orphan high-school-aged girl whose entire family was killed by night breeds. She works as Cane's secretary but is initially unaware he is a vampire. She learns Cane's secret while attempting to help him with an investigation, but decides to continue working for him anyway. After she is fatally injured by Koyo, Cane turns her into a vampire to save her.

Blood Absorption: Upon physical contact with an enemy, Riho is able to adhere her skin onto her opponent's and then absorb their blood into herself; leaving her enemies as dried up husks. Upon completion, Riho must then vomit out the excess blood, before she can use the technique again. The reason why she dresses in a revealing way is to allow her to gain more contact with an opponent, with more contact meaning faster blood absorption.

 💋Hard Candy Eater
 💋Spacing out
 💋Bites bottom lip


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