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May 28th, 2020

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Gender: Male

Age: 18
Country: Iceland

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May 09, 2020


05/21/2020 03:01 PM 

Ji's Kit and Crew
Category: Guidelines

Ji is trained in psion. Psion is a force willed by the mind, but is often conducted with subtle gestures, from darting eyes to deep breaths. Ji's one affinity, out of the possible twelve, is subversion or manipulation. (i) Ji can disguise himself in others appearance; (ii) Ji tethers the mind of one subject in darkness, to infect with visions and noises, or communicate from a distance; (iii) Ji sheds an ethereal decoy in his image, a controllable clone which imitates Ji; (iv) Ji emits translucent pockets of ensiform energy that pricks through bodies with delayed effects.

(i) Ezra
(ii) Siku
(iii) Ju
(iv) Novu

Ji spent most of his energy in disguise on Earth. He resumed his studies, in the form of a young Asiatic male, as Ezra Warburg. Ji pursued an intel analysis major. In the African plains, a war between East Asia and the Americas broke out vying for its resources. The conflict helped Ji cycle between military strategy and wartime analysis before he took over the federal republic. Congress was a nest of intrigue for Ji, as he had to oust former usurpers, some of whom were at the helm of foreign policy.

Ji was tasked to investigate terrorism in the post-war period. A foreign national, on the brink of suicide, was taken captive. The torture chambers did not break the man's spirit, nor did interrogation tackle his ego. Ji tethers his mind onto his, then emits malefic voices, but was of little to no avail; instead, they loaned memories, whereupon he learned his purpose, as well as the location of his cabal. Ji responds in kind: slipping details of his plan for Earth. He laughs; Ji promptly kills the man named Siku.

Ji took it upon himself to locate Siku's band of terrorists. Ji triangulates Siku's memories, but fails to plot down the areas. He gives up on his decade long pursuit. A recent high profile scandal leaks a man's private island gone missing. A court dismisses the criminal charges in light of his murder in jail. His island resurfaces. His corpse does too. Ji follows the network of spies and climbs the ranks using Ezra. He is flown to an island that floats; a naval island, called Ju, which encloses itself in a dome, sinks, and, relocates. Ju, a private resort, has a twin submersible island, Novu, opposite to its service; a prison camp operating torture programs in secret.

(1) Kenshi
(2) Raewulf
(3) Kikyon
(4) Goh
(5) Sariok

Ji stages a prison break for potential recruits: Kenshi, Raewulf, Kikyon, Goh, Sariok, etc. They launch an insurgence on the warden and officers. (1) Kenshi is an exile of Ishmael Kingdom, for conspiracy to commit regicide; his ghostlike stealth and ivory cloak lends him the name White assassin. (2) Raewulf was a post-war target for arson; his literature and publishing company were consumed in fire, and, his anti-war campaigns earned him prison time, as well as the name denialist, after years of being a historian. (3) Kikyon was a captain of elite soldiers, Unit 2080, responsible for false flag operations, who has since then sold his services to foreign high bidders. (4) Goh is the Most Wanted Man in the West for gold stock plunders of over 3,000 tonnes; his collaborators vary in size, from simple merchants to Eastern regimes, and left many nations to rely upon command economy barter. (5) Sariok is a conscript soldier, drafted to fight in the East-West conflict, after a spate of assassinations, expropriations, and deportations befell his nation; he and his brother, Siku, deserted the war, after sustaining wounds.



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