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October 26, 2019


05/23/2020 01:21 PM 

Haikyuu Oc

Name: Madison Sawamura

Nickname: Mattie

Age: Fifthteen 

Height/Weight: 4'9/110lbs.

Occupation: High School student (First year)

Teams Postion: Managers assistant.

Looks: Mattie has a small and slim build, having hardly any curves. That along with her young looks, she usually gets mistaken for being younger than she really is. She has long white hair, it falling past her knees and bangs covering the upper half of her face. When her face is revived, her big cute eyes are able to be seen along with their different colors (Her left being white and right baby blue).

Personality: Mattie is a sweet, bubby, shy, and innocent girl. She might be shy and quiet at first, but once she gets to know people it's easy for her to become comfortable and open. It's bad if someone decides to mess with the people she cares about, her sweet personality doing a complete 360. She might be small, but she's able to defend herself pretty well after years of self defense classes and can put fear in anyone if mad enough.

Past: Mattie had been born in France, having a loving mother and four brothers. They didn't really have a father, him leaving after their mother got pregnant with Mattie. They had a pretty happy and good life, up until their mother grew sick. She would either always be in the hospital or staying in her room, becoming more ill as time went on. Knowing she was dying, their mother contacted a family friend the Sawamura's. Mattie was only three when her mother died, the Sawamura adopting her and taking her into their home in Japan. Growing up, she was very close with her adoptive older brother Daichi and loved him very much. She would always spend her time with him and following him around, being his shadow basically their parents use to say. So when Daichi started playing volleyball and falling in love with the sport, it sadden Mattie since they didn't get much time together.  But she would still spend as much time with him as she could when he was free, going to his practices and games cheering him on. She's learned about the sport all her life, learning from her brother and teaching herself for him. Mattie had been doing online school her whole life, so entering high school she convinced their parents to let her go to a actual school with her brother. She was so happy when they agreed, she applying for the postion of assistant manager for the team.

* She's very smart, skipping a grade landing her in high school sooner than she should have.
* She fast, going above most other people.
* Knows and speaks five different languages (English, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Russian)
* Stronger than people think for someone her size.
* Strong to the team, she's able to just scan over someone and have a estimation of 80% of their strengths and weaknesses.

Likes: Sweets, Volleyball, peace and quiet, reading, art, music, anything cute.

Dislikes: Loud Noises, scary things, heights, spicy foods, sour foods, Bullies, and being yelled at.

Love interest: Depends 


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