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June 4th, 2020

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Gender: Female

Age: 27
Country: United States

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May 19, 2020


05/23/2020 02:28 PM 

The Rules:

I only  have  a few so follow  them seriously-

1. Treat me as if you  would  you  sister or your mother; you wouldn't  talk disrespectfully  to  a female family member , so don't  do  so with  me.  

2. I reply on my own  time- I have  a life outside  of Role play, this is a hobby not my job if you  want  to  treat  my time  like  I am on the clock - pay me. (I am not kidding on this  one; I don't put up with people who think they are entitled to my time and get pissy over me not replying when they want me to as if I have a deadline and get fired from a hobby...my time on here is free ya know? So don't  act  as if your time  is more  precious than my own; we're all equal here, okay?) 

3. I do not tolerate petty online  drama; leave  your  personal  sh!t at the door because the truth is  I  don't  care- it's  online  drama that doesn't  effect anyone  but yourself, if you can't handle me wanting to confront you about the sh!t you say about me behind my back than don't say a g0d d@mned word in regards to me. If you  can't say anything  nice  then don't  say anything  at all- got it? 

4. If you  want  to  call  me names  and  shade me, use my name for clout, screen cap conversations out of context for drama, or for your  own  personal  reasons  and  assumptions- then  it says a hell of alot more about  you than me. 

5. If you  have  an issue, just  come  talk  to  me, it's  better to hear it straight  from  the  source than someone  else  or just your  personal  opinions/ feelings; being honest and straight  forward  is something  that  will  earn respect  from  me; while doing  the  complete  opposite just  loses respect. 

6. I don't  care what  S3xual  Orientation  you are,  what gender, what race, what religious belief, what political  views one has. If you  treat me with  compassion,  understanding, civillity,  honesty, friendship  and  can be mature  about  things, then I will  treat you  the  same  way.  If you treat  me  the  complete opposite then I will  block  you. Don't  act like you're  better  than  everyone  else or that these things are a personality  trait or superpower- they aren't. If you  can't  be 50 with me, you won't  get 50 from  me; roleplay  is a two way street  not a one way lane.  



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