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05/23/2020 03:21 PM 


What is DDLG?

 DDLG stands for Daddy Dom/Little Girl. The daddy/caregiver is the more dominant half of the relationship, the little is the more submissive. This has NOTHING to do with a actual father and daughter, I'm not really into incest. Also, DDLG isn't just a "kink" to Mattie but also a life style seeing as she usually doesn't like people taking care of her since she feels like a bother and because she is naturally a submissive kind person/personality.

Rules for her while in "Little Space":
*No swearing
*Ask daddy for something if she thinks she can't do it on her own or knows she can't.
*Always listen to Daddy.
*Naps are important (Mostly if she is showing signs of being grumpy, while she may show stubbornness at first just seeming stern or warn her of punishment and it'll make her want to listen.
*No back talking (Which she might do a few times since she can be stubborn sometimes)
*Other than cartoons or what daddy puts on TV for her to watch, she has to ask permission first.

*Time out 
*No sweets
*No stuff animals/play time for sometime.
*Being ignored (Not enough to really upset her or for a long time, just enough to help get daddy's point across and get her to apologize.) 

(sexual) Punishments:
*Wearing "toys" around the house or out in public.
*No wearing panties.
*No cumming/finishing until daddy says so
*No touching herself
*Being teased until Daddy decides its enough.

*Watching Movies (Mostly Disney or cartoon kind).
*Going to the park/going on a walk.
*Dressing up in cute clothes/outfits.
*Bath times. (Mostly with bubbles and/or bath toys).
*Playing with her stuff animals.
*Tea parties.
*small games (Like hide and seek, patty cake, and ect.)
*Just cuddling.

Little snack/foods:
*Mac and Cheese
*vegan chicken nuggets (mostly shaped kind)
* Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches (Cut up)
* Vegan grilled cheeses (Cut up)
* regular/mix fruit.
*Puddling/ice cream/cake/candy (special treats)
* Cookies/Animal crackers (Frosted kind)
* Fruit snacks
*Smiley fries/potatoes

Things she loves to hear:
* "Good girl"
* "Use your words"
* "Daddy's here, you're safe baby"
* "How's my baby?"
* "You don't want to be a bad girl do you?"
* "Do you want your teddy/pacifier/sippy cup?"
* "You seem pretty grumpy, lets give you a nap"
* "Behave" (Sexual)
* "You're to little to do that"
* "Look at me when I talk to you" (sexual)
* "Over my knees" (Sexual/spanking)
* "Do you want a spanking?" (Sexual/not)
* "You look so cute baby girl"
* "Do you need me to take care of you?"
* "are you wanting to be a little right now?"

Random things she likes:
*Cuddling of course and being in contact with her daddy some how, by sitting in his lap or just holding his hand or hugging his arm or being carried.
*Being praised, even if over the smallest things since it makes her feel happy.
*Pet/Nicknames (Baby, Princess, Angel, and ect.)
*She loves anything cute, soft, and/or colorful/pastel.
*Being babied, mostly if shes feeling sadden or lonely.
*She has a bad habit of nibbling/sucking on her thumb when shes nervous/sleeping/not paying attention, which is where pacifiers can be added into roleplay's.

Note: This stuff can be used when shes not in her little mind space, its just to help guide people with knowing what kind of "little" she is and/or helping to guide people who are new to it or doesn't really know much of what to do with this stuff yet ^_^ With Mattie having a innocent and oblivious like mind, it might take her a little bit to understand what DDLG is so either she might look into it from wanting her partner(s) to take care of her or have them look into it.
Also, how I do DDLG isn't just a kink but a kind of life style. It can be sexual or not sexual, depending on the person.


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