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09/19/2015 07:21 PM 

Questions Answered

These are questions that have needed to be answered about certain styles. More could be added as I go along.

Q1. Can Karasi be made into a vampire/werewolf?
A1. Yes, but Karasi cannot be controlled. Once changed, her memories and power will return fully since the change tends to heal wounds. This does not mean it will not create an odd change to her behavior.

Q2. Can Karasi learn magic early?
A2. Yes, and when this happens she will remember her previous life since her memories are connected to her magic.

08/11/2015 07:36 PM 


This is a blog about the different verses as I have figured them out for her. As I figure more out, more will be added. If your verse is not listed that's fine. That means I have rp'd with no one in that verse and just need to have it pointed out. If I don't know the verse I might need help, but we can figure something out for just about any verse I am sure. 

Modern Normal Verse:

At age 6: Karasi has just shown up on the scene. She will show up in pretty much any large town or city. She is an orphan like in every verse. If you have read my profile (Which you should have to get here) then you will know that she isn't of this world. Therefore, no parents and an orphan. Each rp is like an alternate universe so she can have many adopted parents. Normally she will be found trying to run away from the orphanage for many reasons.

At age 16: Karasi is quite brilliant. As such she is normally in a prestigious private school on scholarship, being the poor girl surrounded by a bunch of entitled rich kids. At this stage in her life in all universes she has just recently started being attacked by the creatures her sister sends. 

At age 26: Karasi will be working as either a bartender or a waitress. After spending the last 10 years trying to dodge her sisters attacks Karasi is now moving around trying to make it harder to be found. She has taught herself just about everything on medicine and helping people with injuries. When not working there is a chance you will find her among the less fortunate which include the homeless and of course orphans, trying to help them stay healthy and survive. At this age she has either learned quite a bit of the truth about herself and also seeks out ways to learn her powers or she is about to learn the truth.

Bleach Verse:

At age 6: Karasi is an orphan. Like in a normal verse(listed on the actual page) Karasi does seem to attract weirdos. However she is mostly fine. Bad people normally end up hospitalized or disappear with Karasi having no idea why.

At age 16: Karasi is a brilliant young woman and goes to a private school near Ichigo's. Around this time though she starts letting off odd energies that seem to begin attracting Hollows. Being a sorceress with a strong connection to the world she has extremely powerful spiritual energy. With this she is not only often attacked by the creatures her sister sends but the hollows as well. This can also attract the shinigami.

At age 26: Karasi is well off since she has been putting any money she makes into stocks. Since she is brilliant she actually plays the market quite well. She has self taught herself medical training since being attacked all of the time has caused many injuries to herself and others. Her job is normally that of a bartender or a waitress since she can't actually spend time getting a license to practice medicine. At this time in her life she has either found out the truth about herself or is about to. After learning the truth she doesn't get her memories back and still needs to find a way to remember and learn power. Some of this can be taught by a shinigami and might even help her open up to the rest of her abilities.

Inuyasha Verse:

At age 6: Karasi is in a town but the people are quite cruel to her. With her golden eyes people believe that she is either a demon or has been touched by one in some way. This leaves them abusing her and trying to chase her away. Still there are always some kind souls who can't help but help her when they are able. 

At age 16: Karasi has been taken in by Kaede (and Kagome if it is after the death of Naraku). Having heard of a girl with abnormal intelligence Kaede sought out the young Karasi around the age of 14 and has had her under her tutelage for the last two years training her in herbal medicine and even the powers of the priestess which Karasi seems to be able to make work from time to time. Kaede cannot understand why Karasi can't seem to get a full hold on it.

At age 26: Karasi is now fully trained in healing and seems to be very good at it. Even though she still has the golden eyes that people fear, they still seek her out for healing. This causes Karasi to do a lot of traveling which is useful since her sister is now at full attack trying to capture Karasi. With the traveling it makes it much harder for her to be found.

BNHA Verse:

Age 6: In all verses this is when Karasi appears in their world. As such, Karasi will appear in this world alone. At this point you may adopt her or she will be swept up by a hero and put into foster care as it is normal to do.

Age 16: By now her 'quirk' is seen as healing. Somewhere between the point of when she arrived and now, she had found an injured cat. Having been pretty well picked on up to this point, seeing the cat who had been injured by another person, she would have released that power into it. Not knowing that she is so much more than a human with a quirk, she will have accepted that her 'quirk' is healing, like Recovery Girl, but even stronger with the ability to cure anything short of death. This will make her sought out after by many organizations and schools wanting to be the ones who taught the Phoenix Down. (Lol yes I had to...). In this she will learn that she has much control over her healing. In fact it can also be turned on it's head and cause injury and sickness as well as long as she knows the damage that it would cause to a body.

Age 26: Again things have changed. Somewhere after beginning school, her sister has found her. Attacking the city with her own servants, she has caused much damage and with no All Might or any equivalent at the time, it had seemed like all was lost until the young Karasi stepped out and threw open her power, and so much more came rushing out than just the healing. A crater in the center of Musutafu leaving many, including pro heroes, stunned. From then, Karasi goes on the run, hiding from her sister and the memories that are forcing themselves onto her. She will mostly be found as a waitress/bartender in dilapidated areas, or out on the streets at night, helping heal those who can't go and be healed in hospitals. 

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